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5 Business email examples (including signature examples)

Your email has become a critical part of your life. Still, writing an effective business email is perhaps outside your expertise. Don’t worry. You are about to see examples of well-written business emails that’ll help you. Read on.

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How to write a business email

Adding a personal touch is critical to tailoring your message to your needs. So, read below some examples of how to write a good business email.

1. Start with the subject line

To increase the likelihood of people opening your email, indicate its contents through the subject line. A descriptive subject line can help you achieve this goal. One helpful approach is to ask yourself if the recipient can accurately predict the message’s content based on the subject line. Doing so is critical, especially in email marketing.

2. Write an introduction

When starting a business email, make a connection with your recipient. Avoid using generic openings like “To whom it may concern.” Use the recipient’s name. Depending on the level of formality you intend, “Dear,” “Hi,” or “Hey” can be appropriate.

Addressing the recipient by name can help establish a sense of trust and connection. Make a point of including the recipient’s name in the opening of your email, and use it throughout the message as appropriate.

Finish the introduction by telling people your message’s goal.

Business email introduction example

Hi Sarah,

I wish to discuss our next project. I have some ideas that I want to share with you.

3. Develop your topic (but be brief)

Your communication must be direct and concise to avoid overwhelming your colleagues with lengthy emails. Given the dynamic nature of the workplace, it’s essential to respect your colleagues’ time by getting straight to the point.

To help keep your emails brief and to the point, focus on one central idea or message. By identifying the core message you want to convey, you can structure your email around it, avoiding unnecessary tangents that can prolong your message.

4. Say goodbye

As with the opening salutation, concluding your email with an appropriate sign-off is essential. Let the recipient know they’re welcome to reach out with any questions or comments, and then close with a proper phrase based on the level of formality.

A range of sign-off options is available, depending on the tone you aim to strike. For more formal emails, options like “Kind regards,” “Yours truly,” “Sincerely,” and “Faithfully” are all common choices.

For more informal messages, you might opt for sign-offs like “Have a great day,” “Take care,” “Good weekend,” or “See you.” The key is to choose an appropriate phrase that fits the tone and content of your message.

5. Include a signature

A webmail platform offers the option to create an email signature that will automatically appear at the end of each message, saving you the time and effort of typing it out each time. When creating your email signature, it’s essential to include the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your professional title
  • The name of your company or organization
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile (if applicable)

Business email signature example

Best regards,
Mark Johnson
Marketing Manager
Company X
(123) 456-7890

This information ensures that your emails are professional and informative and that recipients have all the necessary information to follow up with you.

Business email examples

Now that you’ve learned how to write a business email, it’s time to see some examples of how all these principles work in practice.

Business email example 1

Subject: Meeting Request

Hi Mark,

I hope you’re having a good Monday. I want to schedule a meeting to discuss the results of our last project. Are you available on Wednesday at 2 PM? Let me know if that works for you.

Kind regards,

Sarah Busch
Sales Manager
ABC Company
(123) 456-7890

Business email example 2

Subject: Invoice Payment

Hello Peter,

I hope this email finds you well. I am checking on the status of the invoice I sent last week. Have you processed the payment?

Best regards,

Tom McNish
Content Manager
ABC Company
(123) 456-7890

Business email example 3

Subject: Follow-up

Hi Mark,

I’d like to follow up on the proposal I sent you last week. Do you have any questions or concerns that we can address? Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Carla Sanchez
Marketing Manager
ABC Company
(123) 456-7890

Business email example 4

Subject: Job Application

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

I’m interested in applying for the job of English Copywriter at your company. Attached is my resume for your review. I’d be delighted to schedule a meeting to explain how my expertise will contribute to your company’s marketing efforts.

Best regards,
David Hoffman
(123) 456-7890

Business email example 5

Subject: Order Confirmation

Hi Claire,

Thank you for your recent purchase. We are confirming that your order has been received and is being processed. You will receive a tracking number once the shipment is sent out. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Amy Johnson
Customer Support Agent
Online Store X
(123) 456-7890

Business auto-response email example

Work may overwhelm you, limiting your ability to reply to emails quickly. Or maybe you’re taking some deserved time off. Whatever your reason, sometimes you can’t answer emails, so it’s good to have an auto-response message. Read an example below.

Example of an auto-response business email

Subject: Delayed response – Thank you for your email


Thank you for your message. I received it and will reply as soon as possible. 

I am [reason for the delayed response]. My response time may vary depending on the volume of emails I receive, but I will do my best to respond to you within [time frame].

Please call our customer service line at [phone number] during business hours if you require immediate assistance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,

[Your Name and signature]

Get professional with a business e-mail address

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