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WordCamp Europe 2024 Sponsorship

We are thrilled to announce that group.one and its brands one.com, WP Rocket, Rank Math, WP.one, Zoner, Hostnet and Metanet is proudly sponsoring this year’s WordCamp Europe, the world’s largest gathering of WordPress enthusiasts and developers. Read more

WordCamp Leipzig Sponsorship

Hereby we proudly announce that one.com is the main sponsor of WordCamp Leipzig that takes place on Saturday, April 20th at the Ost-passage Theater in Leipzig. Read more

CloudFest Hackathon Sponsorship

We are proud to announce that group.one and its sister brands one.com and wp.one are sponsoring the CloudFest Hacktahon, held in Rust, Germany on March 16-18th. Read more

Exciting news: Get Exchange Online Email and your favourite Microsoft 365 subscription using your own domain! 

At one.com, we want to provide you with the freedom and tools you need to stay ahead of the competition and strengthen your brand. With Exchange Online and Microsoft 365, you can communicate and collaborate with others from anywhere. We provide free email backup and restore paired with additional email protection for your peace of mind. You can unlock these possibilities by subscribing to Microsoft 365 with your own domain.
All these tools were previously available to our existing customers only, but we’re thrilled to announce that as a new customer, you can now gain access to them simply by adding or creating your own domain!  Read more

Fastest growing online shop experience now available to all website customers

The modern web is built for interactions. All websites are expected to include interactive features, such as bookings for restaurants and online shops for products. With new features and improvements, one.com is helping website owners create interactive experiences by democratising access to online shop tools and AI-assisted website designs. Read more

Discover Webmail in Dark Mode for a better email experience

Are you someone who works late into the night or begins their day in the early morning hours? Dark Mode Webmail is here for you, fulfilling a long-awaited customer request. For many people, it reduces eye strain, particularly in low-light work environments. With Dark Mode Webmail, your Mail, Settings, and Contacts pages adapt automatically to your computer’s dark mode settings. Read more

New additions to the Website Builder contact form

Contact forms are almost an essential feature of a website, allowing your website visitors to easily reach you. It also provides numerous opportunities for you as the website owner - think about generating leads, providing customer service, and starting a conversation with potential customers. Because we understand the importance of such a feature, we have enhanced the contact form in Website Builder with some exciting new additions. Read more

Meet our Rank Math integration: The Swiss army knife of SEO for WordPress

As we expand and improve our WordPress ecosystem, we're excited to showcase how Rank Math SEO seamlessly integrates into your overall experience, enhancing your website's visibility and performance. Let's dive into what Rank Math SEO is all about, why it improves your WordPress journey, and how you can start using it. Read more

Enhance your Online Shop with the new Contacts tool

Have you already seen our Contacts tool in Online Shop? This new tool enables you to create a customer list, (re)connect with your customers, and gain deeper insights into your customer base. Whether your goal is to sell products, build a following, or find new clients, our vision for Contacts is to help you achieve that goal. Read more

Transforming website creation with our AI Onboarding Assistant

In an exciting development, we’re proud to reveal our latest innovation – AI-driven website onboarding. This dynamic wizard is now live, simplifying the journey from concept to a fully functional website.

With our Onboarding Assistant, the entire website creation is streamlined. Users simply need to select their business category, provide a name for their website, input contact details, and specify their content preferences. In a matter of moments, the Onboarding Assistant crafts a ready-to-publish website, complete with AI-generated texts, sections, and CTAs tailored specifically to the user's choices. Read more

WordCamp Denmark Sponsorship

We are excited to announce our Platinum level sponsorship of WordCamp Denmark that takes place in Portland Park, Aalborg, August 26th-27th. Read more

AI-powered communication: explore our new tools

For users who are short on time or feel they lack the language skills required to comfortably put together polished, professional text, one.com's new AI Writing Assistant tools are a game-changer. Built on OpenAI’s platform, our Writing Assistants are embedded into both our Webmail application and our onboarding platform. With just a few simple inputs, users can generate complete drafts that are nearly ready for sending or publication. Read more

Drive for gender equality at one.com

We are one. We have one mission: creating an inclusive, secure, and sustainable future for everyone, everywhere — all brands in group.ONE share the same vision, and we work together toward a better world. We’re happy to share what we’re doing to get there. Read more