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At, we strongly believe that secure, reliable web hosting is essential to customer success. To make the choice of hosting provider easy for you, we have included all aspects of website hosting into our comprehensive plans. No need to purchase email hosting separately or consider mailbox sizes; no need to count subdomains, SFTP accounts or email aliases; and no need to worry about bandwidth. Simply focus on creating and managing your site with all the building blocks at your fingertips.

Our professional web hosting comes with a unique and easy-to-use control panel offering easy access to a full range of functionalities to access all your services. You don’t have to be a server admin to easily host your website with; tools such as site analytics and online file manager are easily accessible. For those with more technical knowledge, SSH and advanced tooling are of course supported.

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State of the art security for every hosted website State of the art security for every hosted website

State of the art security for every hosted website

Website security is an ever-growing concern for everyone! To take away some of those worries, installs a free wildcard SSL certificate automatically on every site to protect user information and offers daily backups of all files, emails and databases at no extra cost.

To safeguard your website against cyber-attacks, our hosting infrastructure runs built-in malware protection tools with 24/7 monitoring and DDoS protection, with the added option of SiteLock Find and SiteLock Fix integrations for additional checks and actions. WordPress sites using our custom tools also benefit from the WordPress health monitor built specifically to track your site’s performance and alert on potential threats, moving from clean-up to prevention measures.

Blazingly fast website hosting at your fingertips

Whether you’re a budding startup or an established e-commerce business, you must make sure your website loads quickly. Not only do online visitors abandon slow sites quickly, but Google also penalises them in search engine rankings. You will, therefore, be reassured by super-fast load times that can offer thanks to our web server accelerator, SSD storage for all data, and edge nodes caching web content.

Blazingly fast website hosting at your fingertips Blazingly fast website hosting at your fingertips
Powerful Powerful

Powerful offers fully optimised Linux based hosting on the LAMP stack, with built-in scalability to grow with your business. With up to 8GB RAM and 8x CPU priority, we’re able to deliver superior processing power to serve your web hosting needs. As your site grows in size and complexity, upgrade to a larger plan to unlock more capabilities.

Premium plans can even run multiple websites sharing resources and equal access to licensed and custom tools such as WordPress performance cache or SiteLock malware protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a specific type of service that allows businesses and individuals to make their website accessible on the World Wide Web. hosts your website content on one of our many secure servers and assigns it with a unique address in the DNS. The domain name system acts as the phonebook of the Internet. Your domain name is mapped to that DNS address, which enables users worldwide to click on your web address and view your website.

When you purchase a web hosting package with, you’re essentially buying space for your site to be stored on one of our servers. Similar to your own computer’s hard disk, our servers allow your website files to be accessed from any location.

Is it the same as shared hosting?

There are a lot of different web hosting services and even more names for them, such as shared web hosting, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, cloud hosting, colocation web hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.

Simply put, shared hosting is a type of web hosting service where many sites are located on the same server sharing its resources such as the CPU and RAM. The spectrum of sites hosted on the same server can range from a couple to hundreds depending on the server’s storage capacity. Shared hosting is the most cost-effective way to have an online presence for anyone who doesn’t require advanced configurations or high bandwidth.

Hosting your website with will give your visitors a super-fast user experience thanks to our web server accelerator and solid-state drive (SSD) storage for all user data. It also comes with different web hosting services, which means you can have personalised email addresses on your domain at no extra cost.

How does free website hosting work?

As they used to say in America, there ain’t such a thing as a free lunch. Because hosting anything requires buying or renting a server and paying for its electricity, internet and other needs, it cannot be truly free. However, some services like web building tools may include free web hosting as part of the package; you still pay for the use of the tool or for valuable extras it offers, which covers the cost of hosting your content.

At, you could also say website hosting is free because we offer an all-in-one package at a flat rate, which includes website and email hosting, security services, website builder, WordPress, domain name management and more.

How much does web hosting cost?

Web hosting prices at are super affordable. We’ve got different hosting packages depending on your storage and performance requirements, and the type of website you’d like to host, so you only pay for what you need.

How can I buy a hosting package?

Web hosting is included in all our plans. Select the most suitable performance plan for your website needs, choose your domain and go to the checkout.

You cannot buy a hosting package without buying or transferring your domain name to, as it all functions as part of an integrated setup. The reverse, however, is not true. You can buy a standalone domain without hosting or share an existing plan across multiple domains to host multiple websites. As long as your hosting plan supports multiple domains, you are set.

What to consider when choosing a web hosting service?

The most obvious answer would be the price. However, price shouldn’t be the only – or even the main – deciding factor when you’re researching reliable and secure web hosting providers. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for! At, we combine affordability with high reliability and strong performance, giving all our customers great value-for-money packages tailored around their needs.

Performance is key! Ensure that your web hosting provider not only caters to your current requirements but will also facilitate any future additions and changes. So, when choosing a website hosting service, think ahead and have a clear vision of what you want your website or blog to look like and be capable of in the future. We are currently offering plans with up to 750GB of storage with 8x CPU priority to meet the needs of even the most demanding online services and apps.

Grow your website with thanks to our versatile performance hosting plans. Whether you’re launching a blog, a business site or an e-commerce store, we’ve got feature-rich plans with a host of specs tailored around different website needs. You can start with a basic plan to get your idea online and then upgrade and upscale your site’s performance as and when you require.

And finally, support is crucial for web hosting services. You never know when your site might get infected by malware, or a password to your best performing online shop gets lost. At, we offer 24/7 support via our live chat and support section to ensure your questions and queries get answered and resolved around the clock.

How do I transfer my website to web hosting?

Transferring a website should start with transferring your domain name to The exact process will vary depending on the domain and the procedures of your current provider, but the first step is to place an order for transferring your domain and hosting to us. Search for your domain in our domain checker, add it to cart with the plan you’ll need for your site, and complete the purchase.

Once you have an account with, you can transfer your domain to us. Make sure any domain locks are removed and follow the steps for transferring domains out of your existing provider. This often means you will get an authorisation code to enter in our control panel.

Finally, with an account and domain name at, you can move your site over as well. If it’s a WordPress site, you can use our free migration tool in the WordPress menu of our control panel. If you have email to move too, there’s a migration tool for that as well in webmail. Other sites and solutions might require manual copying of files to the new system. If you ever feel you need help transferring your site to our web hosting, please don’t hesitate to ask our support for help.

Can I use my existing domain?

Yes, totally! Once you’ve successfully disabled your domain lock and received your authorisation code from your old provider, you can complete the transfer process of your domain from your current provider to Some domains don’t even need an authorisation code and have other simpler processes for transferring the domain over to a different web host.

Can I create more than one website?

Yes. You can use sub-domains like and to host independent websites on your domain. Our higher-end performance plans also support up to 10 websites on different domains.

How can I get help with web hosting? has a 24/7 chat helpline and a detailed online support section covering most commonly asked questions and user scenarios.


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