How to update your website with a Website Builder

If you're new to website building, a webeditor is particularly useful because after a while you may feel you need to enhance your first effort. Using a webeditor, you can go back into the site and change its background; move your photos, images and text around; and boost the site's general appearance.

Personal website

Part of the fun of having a personal website is updating it with a webeditor. You may have new photos or extra text to place on the site's existing pages. You may want to develop the site by increasing its size. Or you may even wish to make dramatic changes to the site's style and content. A webeditor feature can help you make such alterations quickly and simply. Also enrich your website with a personal blog and upload your pictures to your Gallery.


If you have a business website, it's good practice to keep it updated and returning visitors can then see your latest business news; find out about recent products; and keep abreast of your business strategy.

A webeditor can also help with your site's search engine ranking. You can use a webeditor, for instance, to add appropriate articles, keywords and links. These can boost the number of your visitors and your site's web presence.

Simplicity's website building software, Website Builder, is a user friendly webeditor. You can easily adjust or add new pages and it comes with a collection of templates so you don´t need to build your site from scratch. With's webeditor, the process of editing your website is simple.