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Email on your own domain

Show you mean business with your own professional email address

Baristas and online marketers


All our plans include email hosting; simply choose how many mailboxes you need.


We don’t cap the size of your mailbox – so don’t ever worry about running out of space.


No ads on emails, contacts and calendar accessible in any browser or your preferred app.


Our email hosting comes with built-in spam and virus protection, black and white lists.

Why use one.com email services?

Email on your own domain is a must for professional interactions online, and our solution is truly made for business. Our email service comes with all the features you need to stay organised, including mail, contacts and calendar. You can even manage multiple email accounts for staff within your organisation.

Unlike most other website providers, we include email hosting in all our plans at no additional cost. The number of accounts grows with the plans, so bigger businesses requiring lots of email addresses can choose higher plans with additional seats and features.
Moreover, we do not limit the size of your mailbox. Even if you regularly send and receive large attachments like media files and data sheets, you’ll never have to worry about having to delete old messages to get new ones in.

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Free and easy migration Free and easy migration

Free and easy migration

Chances are, your one.com personalised email account is not the very first mailbox ever. If you have emails to take with you from another provider you’re using today, our email hosting platform will migrate them for you completely free of charge. This gives you the advantage of managing all your old emails in one interface, making multiple logins and passwords a thing of the past. Our built-in tool is really simple to use making the migration a doddle.

Create multiple email addresses on your domain

Even our most basic plans include email hosting at no extra cost, while the larger plans can easily support thousands of email accounts. Worried about taking care of that many email addresses? Fear not. You can easily manage, modify and delete email accounts from a central control panel.

Create multiple email addresses on your domain Create multiple email addresses on your domain
Enjoy an ad-free portable mailbox Enjoy an ad-free portable mailbox

Enjoy an ad-free portable mailbox

Access your email in any browser via Webmail or sync it to your favourite device app. Our email natively supports the popular IMAP and POP3 protocols, while Exchange ActiveSync is built into our Premium Mail to sync calendars and contacts on your mobile devices.
It should go without saying that our email hosting is completely free from annoying ads.

Secure and reliable email hosting

Our email service is so much more than just a custom email address. With your security in mind, we’ve included an automatic daily Webmail backup, built-in spam and virus protection as well as blacklists and trusted sender functions. You can even get an alert of suspicious activity on your phone when your email is accessed from abroad.

Secure and reliable email hosting Secure and reliable email hosting

Build your online presence today!

Choose your plan
Choose your plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is simply the service of storing your emails and attachments on the internet. You may be familiar with free email hosting like Gmail, and paid ones like one.com. The main differences are in data security, lack of advertising, and use of your own domain name as your address.

Can I have email on my own domain?

Yes. At one.com, we offer email on your own domain for free with any web hosting plan, or for a reduced fee if you’d prefer to have email hosting only.

How many email addresses can I have with one.com?

The number of email addresses you can have increases by plan. As your business grows, you can upgrade to a bigger plan. The larger plans include additional email addresses and features. Moreover, we do not limit the size of your mailbox.

Why have email on your own domain?

There are many benefits in having a professional email. Having email on your own domain helps build your professional image, consumer trust and confidence.


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