Email on your own domain

Email with gives you lots of advantages. Get an email account that is protected against viruses and spam. Create email addresses on your very own domain. You can even create as many email accounts as you like without extra costs. Why not give your entire family or your associates their own personal and permanent email address?

A permanent email address

An email address on your own domain is a permanent address that is independent of your Internet service provider and completely free of advertisements. By registering your own domain you get a lasting email address that is very suitable to make your name or company name stand out online. Email on your own domain gives you optimum exposure on the Internet, so that the people around you can easily reach you.

Email hosting with no restrictions

By choosing to service your domain and mail, you are always free to switch to another hosting provider if you wish. We register the domain in your name and the right to use the domain remains yours as long as you want. You are free to take your domain and email addresses to another webhost. Having your own domain provides you optimal conditions to get the email service that best suits your needs. Get rid of disruptive advertisements in your emails and focus instead on what really matters to you.

Free transfer and unlimited email

At free transfer is an integrated part of our service. How you choose to organize your web space is up to you. For example you are free to use all the space for email, and even our smallest web space provides space for a very large amount of mail.

Easily create email

All you need to get your own email address is a web space with a domain name with If you do not have a domain name yet, you can easily find an available domain using the domain search tool at the front page. Then, with just a few clicks register a domain name and, soon after you will be selecting your email addresses.

Access your mail box from anywhere

It can be annoying to be unable to check mail when you are away from your own computer. Therefore, a web space with always includes webmail hosting. By reading your email via webmail, you don't need to install an email program on your computer. Instead, simply open a browser on any computer with an internet connection, go to the website and click Webmail. Type in your password to access all your received and sent emails. It is as simple as that.

Advanced webmail with calendar and address book Webmail offers much more than a flexible way to read your email everywhere. The webmail gives you an address book with an overview of your contacts. Furthermore it comes with a built-in calendar that makes scheduling a breeze. The extra features enhance ease of use without affecting the speedy load time. Functionality, design and performance in the address book and calendar come together and is on par with what you typically experience in email programs like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.