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Deep-dive into everything you want to know about domains

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What to know before buying a domain name? 10 tips!

Do you want to buy a domain name? It is essential to consider a few things. These 10 tips will help you....

  7 minute read

What is a domain hack?

With a domain hack, you create a unique and memorable domain name that suits your business. Do you want to know more? Check this article!...

  4 minute read

How to Sell a Domain Name

Looking to sell your domain name but don't know where to start? Our comprehensive guide on how to sell a domain name covers everything from pricing strategies to negotiating tactics....

  11 minute read

Find your perfect domain with a domain name generator

Do you need help finding your perfect domain name? Try these 5 useful domain name generators!...

  5 minute read

These are the 10 most popular domain extensions of 2022 + 10 notable newcomers

A domain extension is part of your domain name. Which 10 are the most popular? Check this article....

  8 minute read

How to find out who owns a domain

“Can I find out who owns a domain?” That’s a question you may be asking yourself. Yes, you can. Read on to learn how to find out who owns a domain....

  4 minute read

Do you already know these 20 facts about one.com?

Hurray, one.com celebrates its 20th anniversary. Do you already know these 20 remarkable facts about us? Discover them now in this article....

  6 minute read

20 years of one.com, a timeline

one.com is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It is time to look back at those 20 years. Are you ready?...

  5 minute read

What is a URL?

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of a webpage or resource on the internet. It is also known as a web address....

  7 minute read

What is DNSSEC?

Read everything you need to know about DNSSEC and find out why you should implement DNSSEC. ...

  3 minute read

Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS allows multiple devices/servers, not just one, to connect to the internet using the same IP address, speeding up the process. Find out more today!...

  4 minute read

What is a domain registrar?

A domain registrar (e.g. one.com) manages the registration of domain names. When you buy a domain name, the registrar registers it on your behalf....

  5 minute read

What is a subdomain?

When should you use a subdomain? And why should you use a subdomain? Learn how to create a subdomain and how it can benefit you in this article....

  5 minute read

What is DNS?

What is DNS (domain name server) and what does it do? Read about the DNS server process that enables you to visit all your favourite websites....

  7 minute read

What domain extension should I use?

A domain extension is an important part of your domain. Find out what the best domain extension is for your website....

  4 minute read

What Is A Top-Level Domain?

A TLD is the same as a domain extension. It's what comes after the dot in your web address & how the internet organises the web addresses globally....

  4 minute read

How to find the right domain name – tips & tricks

With the abundance of websites on the internet, choosing a domain name can be overwhelming. Continue reading for some tips & tricks on how to pick yours....

  6 minute read

How to register your domain name?

Start building your brand online and register a domain name before someone else beats you to it. Find out more about registering a domain name in our guide....

  7 minute read

Easily transfer your domain to one.com

Are you thinking about changing your hosting provider? Transferring your domain to one.com is affordable and easy to do with these steps....

  5 minute read

What is a domain name?

A domain name is basically what users type into their internet browser to visit a website. Read our guide to find out how they work....

  5 minute read