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SiteLock website security

Find and fix cyber threats with award-winning, cloud-based technology.

Each day, an average website experiences a staggering 62 attacks from more than 330 bots. Even a single cybersecurity breach can be costly as it can damage your site and negatively impact your online reputation and revenue. It’s important to proactively protect your site and visitors against cyber threats with a comprehensive security solution from SiteLock.


Brief Summary


SiteLock is a security add-on that helps protect your website from online threats such as malware, viruses, and hackers. It scans your website regularly for vulnerabilities and provides alerts and fixes to keep them secure.

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is an industry-leading website security provider with over 12 years of experience in delivering innovative technology to customers worldwide. Here is why we’ve partnered with SiteLock to help our customers proactively protect their websites from online cyber threats.

  • Peace of mind — Protect your visitors and reputation from cyberthreats.
  • Increased trust — Showcase a SiteLock Trust Seal on your site to increase visitor trust.
  • Ease of use — No software installation, just connect and go!
  • Real-time reporting — Receive automated email alerts and security results from your SiteLock dashboard.

SiteLock extends the basic malware scanning one.com offers to all its customers, so you can act before a breach happens.

How does SiteLock work?

As with any risk, cybersecurity starts with an initial assessment and regular malware scans, which are at the core of SiteLock technology. Even on the free trial plan, SiteLock will alert you whenever it finds a threat or vulnerability that might be exploited by hackers. You will then receive guidance on how to address the specific issue.

Our paid plan ‘SiteLock Find’ supports scanning more pages on your website and adds technology specific to WordPress, the world’s most popular and thus most frequently attacked website platform. As with SiteLock Lite, the tool helps you figure out what to do in each specific case.

Finally, SiteLock Fix is your ultimate hassle-free option; on top of daily scans, it fixes problems automatically and without delay. In addition to proactively dealing with malware and other web security risks, SiteLock Fix helps keep your emails out of spam filters. Whenever your server’s IP address is added to a spam database somewhere on the site, the tool will alert you so you can address the issue.

Which SiteLock malware plan is right for you?

At one.com, we’re excited to offer all customers a free trial of SiteLock, as well as two paid options to keep your website secure.

SiteLock Lite daily alerts

Daily security alerts

  • SiteLock Lite scans your site daily for security threats and flags potential vulnerabilities on your website. Daily alerts and scan results allow you to take the right actions when needed to protect your online reputation and visitors.
Risk Assessment
  • SiteLock Lite analyzes your site against a 500-point prediction model — providing an easy to read Risk Score of high, medium, or low. Your site’s Risk Score helps you see which features of your website could lead to a security breach. When you know your risk, you can make an educated and proactive decisions about the security of your site.

SiteLock Find malware scanner

Daily malware scans

  • SiteLock Find automatically monitors your site daily for critical security issues such as malware infections, malicious links, and more. This scan acts as an alarm system and notifies you of threats before visitors or search engines do, allowing you enough time to take the right actions when needed.
SiteLock Trust Seal
  • Immediately increase visitor trust by displaying a SiteLock Trust Seal that lets your visitors know your site is malware-free and safe to browse.
WordPress specific scans
  • Along with a robust malware scanner, SiteLock Find also notifies you of WordPress related vulnerabilities, such as security issues associated with outdated versions and more.

SiteLock Fix proactive cybersecurity

SiteLock Find included

  • Our advanced SiteLock Fix plan includes all the functionality of Find and more.
Automated malware removal
  • SiteLock Fix includes a malware alert and removal tool that automatically finds and removes malware from your website files. This can save you precious time and money by eliminating these threats before search engines can detect malware on your site and cause potential disruption.
Spam monitoring
  • SiteLock Fix helps keep your emails out of users’ spam folders by monitoring and alerting you when your website’s IP address is flagged as spam by email services such as spam databases.

Free SiteLock with Guru website plan

We’ve included SiteLock Find in our Guru website plan saving you up to £170 per year. These plans come with top-tier performance and storage specs, as well as a variety of security and marketing tools perfect for mature sites running on WordPress or custom code. What’s more, a single hosting plan can be shared by up to 10 websites, with a separate free SiteLock license each!

All one.com customers with an active web hosting subscription can also sign up for SiteLock from the Control Panel.

Footnote: Based on a maximum number of licenses included in the Guru plan. Savings estimate relies on prices current as of Jul 1, 2020 and is subject to change.