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Enhance your Online Shop with the new Contacts tool

Have you already seen our Contacts tool in Online Shop? This new tool enables you to create a customer list, (re)connect with your customers, and gain deeper insights into your customer base. Whether your goal is to sell products, build a following, or find new clients, our vision for Contacts is to help you achieve that goal.

How does Contacts work?

You can find Contacts in the left menu of Online Shop. On the main page, you will find an overview of your leads (contacts that are created manually) and customers (contacts that have already placed an order). Use the checkboxes to export contacts. This is particularly useful for emailing multiple contacts simultaneously through an external mailing list service you may use.

Note: Please ensure compliance with GDPR laws and obtain user consent before sending emails.

Explore individual contact pages

Clicking on a contact from the overview will take you to their individual page. Here, you can view their contact information, address, and order history. Simply click on your contact’s email address to initiate a draft email in your preferred mail app, or click ‘Create new order’ to generate a draft order with pre-filled contact details.

Getting started with Contacts

We hope this early version of Contacts brings value to you, your business, or project. For detailed instructions on how to use Contacts, please visit our guide on managing contacts in your Online Shop.

What’s next?

In the coming months, Contacts will also become available for Website Builder users. Additionally, we have plans to:

  • Gather leads for you from the contact form, helping you convert these leads into customers.
  • Add an activity log to individual contact pages, assisting you in creating an overview of their entire journey with you as a customer.

Once these updates are launched, you will receive a notification in your Online Shop dashboard.

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