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What is branding in marketing? Definition and how to use it

Branding means creating your business’ identity. You create marketing campaigns to determine how people will perceive your company. For example, you can promote your eco-friendly ventures to position your brand as an environmental protector.


Brief Summary


Branding is the process of building a strong and positive perception of a brand. The goal is usually to differentiate from competitors and become the go-to brand.

The benefits of branding

Branding takes effort, time, and money. This reality may make you question whether you should invest in developing your business’ brand, like an online shop. You should. Branding is critical to online marketing, so read below for five reasons.

1. Customer loyalty

We like to meet people with which we identify. The same principle holds for companies. If people identify with your brand, they are more likely to become recurring clients. They may believe in a cause your business fights for, for example.

2. Builds a sense of purpose

Branding also helps employees. It makes it easier for them to understand your company’s values and goals. They will be motivated to help your business reach its objectives if these align with theirs. 

3. Helps in recruitment

Branding also helps you recruit people who are a better cultural match for your organization. Finding people with the same values and corporate culture becomes easier if your company has a strong identity.

4. Makes you stand out

The world becomes more competitive daily. A generic brand creating bland products is doomed to fade into obscurity. You have to stand out. Building a solid brand identity ensures your business and its products catch people’s attention.

5. Increased sales

The combination of all items above is more sales. When you create quality products and associate them with a memorable brand, you see a boost in your revenue.

Tips for memorable branding

You must proceed carefully. Branding benefits your company when done correctly. But can hurt it when done poorly. So, read some tips.

1. Know your strengths

You must know your company’s image before trying to improve it. Conduct market research to understand why people buy your products. Learn what they believe to be your business’s strengths and why they stood out to them.

2. Promise something

Once you discover why people buy your products, use this information to bring other customers. For example, if they come to you because of a quick delivery, you can create marketing materials, like an email marketing campaign emphasizing this fact.

3. Ensure visual coherence

Your business’ visuals must match the image you’re trying to portray. For example, if you want to brand your marketing agency as disruptive, creative, and innovative, investing in a visual identity with vibrant colours is a good alternative. 

4. Train your staff

Your team represents your company. So, train them to adhere to the branding you wish to build. For example, to create an elegant restaurant, you must prepare your team to behave accordingly.

5. Apply company-wide changes

Use your branding in every marketing material. Do the same in your office. Every object or communication tool is an opportunity to emphasize your company’s branding. The same applies to when you build your website.

6. Determine a price

Your product’s price is a significant part of its branding. If you want to brand your business as something exclusive, you can set a high price for your goods. Likewise, if you wish for people to see you as an economical choice, it’s best to try and go as low as possible.

7. Invest in packaging

First impressions matter. The first thing people will see when buying your product is its packaging. Ensure its colours and materials reflect the message you wish to convey.

8. Develop sponsorship deals

One way to strengthen your brand is to make people associate it with other brands or influencers representing your values.