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How to change your email address

A lot is involved in changing your email address. After all, you must ensure you don’t miss any important emails. We are going to help you. In this article, you will find an excellent step-by-step plan to change your email address in 6 steps.

Why change your email address?

Several reasons exist why you might want to change an email address. To name a few examples:

  1. You want to switch from a free email address to a professional one. 
  2. You have changed your company’s name and want a matching email address.
  3. You receive a lot of spam on your current email address you can’t get rid of.
  4. Your email address has been hacked, and you can no longer access your account.

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The benefits of changing your email address

Changing your email address offers you several advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. A professional email address contributes to the image and reliability of your business.
  2. By giving your email address the same name as your website, your contacts immediately know who they are contacting.
  3. By changing your email address, you will receive less to no spam and overlook essential emails. Tip: prevent spam by fighting spam.
  4. A different email address will allow you to receive and send emails to and from your contacts again after a hack.

How do I change my email address?

Do you want to know how to change an email address? With the step-by-step plan below, you can change your email address in just 6 steps. Let’s get started.

1. Create a new email address

First of all, you need to create a new business email address. Ensure you have a domain name and hosting, such as email hosting or web hosting.

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2. Forward the email to the new address

To avoid missing important emails immediately, forward your email from your old email address to the new address. Are you a customer of one.com? You forward your email using this guide.

Note: Keep your old email address for a while to ensure you won’t miss out on emails.

3. Transfer your current emails, calendar and contacts

Of course, you want to keep your existing emails, appointments and address book. Therefore, transfer them to the mailbox of your new email address. 

Transferring email to one.com

With our email import feature, you can easily transfer emails to your new address created under your domain name at one.com. Importing email from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other accounts at one.com is possible. This guide tells you exactly how to transfer your existing email to your new address.

Transferring calendar to one.com

Do you also want to transfer your email calendar? You can export your calendar as an ICS file and import it into your new account in the calendar settings.

Transferring contacts to one.com

Finally, you can easily move your online address book to your new email account. Go to settings and click on the tab for your contacts. Then import a CSV file from your old account into the new account.

4. Inform your contacts

Once your new email address is set up correctly, you need to notify all contacts of your new address. The easiest way is to send a message with your old or new email address saying you have a new one. Make sure you put all contacts in the bcc of the email. Otherwise, everyone can see each other’s email address. That doesn’t look very professional.

5. Set an automatic response

Your contacts will probably mail to your old email address for the first period. Notify them by setting up an automatic reply. If you are a one.com customer, you can use this guide to set up an automated response. 

Example of an automatic response:

Subject: New email address
Dear [name],
I want to inform you I have a new email address. This email address is no longer in use. My new email address is [new email address]. Please save this new email address in your contacts and use it for all future communications.
You can contact me via my new email address if you have any questions.
[Your name]

6. Change your email address on communications

Finally, you must change your email address on all business communications. This includes your website, social media channels, business cards and other printed materials. Also, remember to change your email address for all the tools you use and important agencies so you will always be available.

In brief

Various reasons exist for changing your email address. Whatever it is, it is essential to make sure you change your email address correctly so you won’t miss out on emails and stay available for your contacts. Hopefully, in this article, you have found valuable tips to change your email address easily.

Get professional with a business e-mail address

Mail professionally to all your contacts using your domain.

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