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What is social proof?

Exploring its role in marketing

Gaining the confidence of online shoppers is critical for ecommerce businesses, and one invaluable asset in the marketer’s toolkit for achieving this goal is social proof. This concept covers a range of strategies, from customer reviews to influencer endorsements, that are all put in place for credibility, nurturing customer loyalty, and, most importantly, motivating visitors to become customers.

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What is social proof?

Social proof as a concept was coined by psychologist and marketing theorist Robert Cialdini, as one of his well-known “Six Principles of Persuasion”. In psychology, social proof refers to the phenomenon where individuals copy the actions of others when they are uncertain or unsure of what to do.

Within ecommerce, social proof translates to consumers feeling more comfortable and secure when they see engagement, positive feedback, and testimonials from other people like them. The social validation created when potential customers read reviews and feedback from others who have made a purchase makes it easier for them to decide to purchase. Social proof can ultimately strengthen a brand’s image as trustworthy and popular.

Why is social proof so effective? 

Social proof’s effectiveness is based on the influential “bandwagon effect,” which finds that individuals are more likely to engage in an action if they see others doing the same. This taps into a basic human desire to conform and be part of a group.  

Let’s look beyond the psychology to its practical impact on marketing. With social proof, you shift the marketing narrative from self-promotion to external validation of your claims. While highlighting benefits and value-added are important parts of any company’s marketing strategy, it can only go so far in gaining visitors’ trust. Potential customers need reassurance of the product’s quality from others like them.

Social proof acts as a trust-building bridge, helping to nurture a genuine connection between brands and consumers in a competitive marketplace. 

Benefits of social proof 

Social proof offers tangible benefits that can shape the path of a brand and set it up for success. In this section, we will explore two key advantages: the enhancement of brand trust and reputation, and the potential for a massive boost in conversions and sales. 

Improve brand trust and reputation 

One of the primary advantages of incorporating social proof into your marketing strategy is its deep impact on brand trust and reputation. By displaying positive feedback, testimonials, and endorsements from satisfied customers, you allow potential customers to hear from a community of individuals who have had positive experiences with your business. This collective affirmation improves the perceived reliability of your brand, creating a foundation for trust and establishing a positive reputation in the eyes of your target audience. 

Increase conversions and sales

Social proof is a potent factor in the journey from consideration to conversion. When prospective customers see that others have made successful purchases and express satisfaction, it instils confidence in their decision-making process. The influence of social validation reduces any risk perceived with a purchase, leading to a higher chance of conversion. Real-life testimonials and positive reviews act as persuasive tools, gently nudging buyers towards taking the step of making a purchase.  

How to show social proof for a website 

Highlighting social proof on your website is a major step towards building credibility and customer trust to create a lasting brand. You can do this in a multitude of ways, with user-generated content (UGC), award badges, and other highlights. Let’s look at some examples of social proof and how you can collect and showcase it on your website. 


Persuasive testimonials from satisfied customers are strong endorsements of your products or services. They do not need to be lengthy or detailed – a brief but compelling testimonial on a well-visited area of your website can create a genuine connection between potential customers and the real individuals who have benefited from your offerings.  

Consider placing these testimonials strategically throughout your site and along the customer journey, reinforcing positive experiences at key touchpoints. You can further enhance the impact of the testimonial by including the customer’s name and a picture, giving a personal touch and legitimacy that will be received favourably by visitors.  


Actively seek out and display reviews from customers who have experienced what you offer. One way to motivate customers to leave these reviews is to implement a strategy for following up after purchase. For example, you could set up an automated email to be sent to customers a few days after their shipment has been delivered. You could further incentivise customers and drive sales by providing a small discount or another type of ‘thank you’ for leaving a full review on your site.  

By showing genuine reviews, you provide valuable information to potential buyers, demonstrate transparency, and show a commitment to customer satisfaction. Positive reviews act as the social proof that will give confidence to your prospective customers and influence their purchasing decisions in your direction. 

Awards and trust icons

You should highlight any industry awards your company has earned, whether for overall excellence or specific products, as well as any partnerships. Use these badges of approval to boost your brand’s credibility and emphasise industry recognition of your business.  

Don’t just display award icons, as these may not tell your visitors very much and might be too niche to be recognised by a wider audience. Instead, consider including snippets or images of the specific reviews or criteria that led to these achievements. Providing context adds depth, helping to reinforce the reasons behind the recognition and emphasising the value your brand brings to its customers.  

By placing these symbols of trust in a strategic way, you communicate your brand’s achievements while also contributing to a positive feeling of your offerings. 

Case studies 

Examine success stories in more details through comprehensive case studies. These in-depth examinations of specific customer experiences offer a detailed narrative of challenges, solutions, and outcomes.  

By displaying the results that your customers have achieved through using your products, you provide your visitors with detailed understanding of how they stand to benefit should they choose to use your offerings. Include quantifiable metrics, direct quotes from satisfied customers you have interviewed or communicated with, and scenarios showing the before-and-after of using your services.  

Case studies serve as a powerful form of social proof, illustrating the real-world impact of your offerings and helping potential customers visualise the results they can reach by choosing your brand. 

Social media profiles 

You can also consider integrating your social media presence directly into your website. Displaying live feeds or links to your social media profiles can further reinforce your brand’s authenticity and engagement. Ensure that your social media content aligns with your overall brand messaging and that it features positive interactions with your audience.  

While not a direct form of social proof, a well-maintained and active social media presence can indirectly contribute to building trust and credibility. You can additionally consider including any positive statements expressed by your audience on these platforms to your website directly as a testimonial or as part of a review section.  

Influencer marketing

You could explore the potential of influencer marketing as a unique form of social proof. Do research to ensure you work with influencers who align with your brand values and have a genuine connection with their audience. Their endorsements can carry significant weight and introduce your products or services to a wider audience.  

You can then feature influencer testimonials, unboxing videos, or dedicated reviews on your website. By doing so, you benefit from the influencer’s credibility while also providing a fresh perspective on your offerings.  

As you start collecting materials and adding these diverse forms of social proof on your website, remember the importance of selecting examples that truly resonate with your customers. Tailoring your choices to align with their preferences and personas ensures that the social proof you present is visually appealing and makes a real impact. 

By integrating testimonials, reviews, awards, user-generated content, case studies, and influencer collaborations, your website becomes a dynamic platform that speaks directly to the authenticity and value of your offerings. 

Add social proof to your marketing toolkit today

The power of social proof lies in the authentic stories of satisfied customers and how these narratives build trust and resonate with your potential customers. Incorporating social proof to your website becomes a force that can shape the customer journey, as your brand becomes not just a seller of products or services but a trusted companion on their journey from visitor to satisfied client. 

By carefully curating social proof elements, they can play a vital role in building trust, guiding purchase decisions, and setting up your brand as trustworthy and reliable. 

Remember, social proof is a continual dialogue, an ongoing relationship between your brand and its audience. With social proof, it is not about what you say but rather the stories others tell about you. As you embark on this journey, let the principles of authenticity, relevance, and resonance guide your choices. In doing so, you will cultivate lasting connections with a customer base that believes in the credibility, reliability, and genuine value your brand brings to their lives. 

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