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How to increase conversion rate?

Read and implement our tips now!

When you first decide to create your own website, you most likely want to start selling your products and services. You’ve perhaps invented a great product that you’d like to share with the public, and of course, you also want to increase conversions to keep creating and selling these products.

But what happens when you have tons of users visiting your website but your conversion rate is not matching the number of visitors? 

In this article, we’ll give you some great tips and tricks on how to increase your conversion rate. 

What is conversion rate?

Firstly, what is conversion rate? Let’s say that you sell flowers on your online shop; you want customers to visit your website, place an order, and purchase some fresh flowers to make a profit and sustain your online shop.

Not everyone visiting your website will need to buy fresh flowers; only a few people will do so.

If you have eight people who see your website on a search engine, it’s most likely that only four out of those eight people will visit your website and browse through all the flowers you’re offering. 

Perhaps only two people out of the four chose to spend money and buy some flowers, which would entail that 50 % of the people visiting your shop make a purchase—resulting in a 50 % conversion rate of visitors to sell.  

It’s important to understand the foundation of conversion rate because you get valuable data. For example, if you notice that you have traffic, but it’s not generating sales, you can try to figure out its cause. You can use this data to optimise and solve the problem and increase your sales conversion rate. If it’s the opposite – you don’t have traffic – you can start looking there to see how you can improve your traffic to increase your sales conversion rate. 

Increase your conversion rate

Now that we know how conversion works let’s discuss what we can do to improve conversion. Implementing one of these techniques can increase your conversion rate.  

Shorter forms

Have you ever decided to buy something you’ve seen online, proceeded to check out and was met with an incredibly long form to fill out? When visitors encounter this problem, they decide to exit the page and not purchase. It’s because it’s too time constraining and might also leave customers feeling hesitant. 

Shorten all your forms on your website, whether it’s an email sign up form, a contact form, a trial period form, or, our example – a check out form. 

Social proof

What we mean by social proof is customer reviews. 72 % of customers will not purchase unless they’ve read some customer reviews first

If you’re a first time visitor, you’ll most likely want to read reviews regarding the product. You want to feel a sense of trust before making a purchase. Additionally, positive reviews will increase confidence in your brand and your reputation. 

Add social proof on your website so that your visitors can see them without a hassle and be able to make the purchase effortlessly and without a doubt.


Data is an essential commodity to have. You need to have data to understand what’s working and what’s not working on your website. 

Tracking your users’ behaviours is essential. You can gain information on how they found your website, which page they stayed on the longest, what types of products they click on to read, and even if they’ve started filling out a form but all of a sudden decided to exit the page. 

You can gain knowledge and understand your visitors better. You can also see if a recent campaign of yours has done well or not. If not, you can see why that is and how you can improve it. 

Add live chat

Make it simple for your visitors to ask questions. Often, visitors are debating whether to make a purchase or not, and they might have questions about the product or service. 

Add a live chat to your website to enable visitors to ask questions, it’ll make your visitors happy, and you’ll see an increase in your sales conversion rate.


Pop-ups are a great way to improve conversion. You can decide what you want to show on your pop-ups. You can show anything from different products you’d like to showcase, a free trial period you’re offering, or other valuable content. 

– Keep in mind to put a timer on your pop-up to avoid annoying your visitors. 

– Make it easy for your visitor to close down the pop-up. You don’t want your visitor to exit your website because they couldn’t close a pop-up.

– Ensure that the pop-up only appears one time!


Offer your customers trials. It could range anywhere from a free seven days trial to only paying 1 pound for the trial. Trials are a great way to increase your website’s conversion rate as many customers like to try a service before purchasing. 

You would gain more if you decided to give these trials a try. In many cases, customers will fall in love with your product and choose to become repeat customers. 

Remove distractions 

Don’t overbear your visitors. If you have various content, pop-ups, video, images etc., it can be a negative aspect as it will pull your visitor in different directions. You don’t want to distract your visitor from the primary goal by overbearing them. If something is not important, don’t show it. Ensure that everything is clear and clean and that the visitor can navigate easily; make it a smooth journey for them.

Countdown timer

What is a countdown timer? A countdown timer is a great way to entice customers to make a purchase. If you have a product or a service that you’re selling, you can offer a great discounted price for a short period. For example, 20 % off the original price and the offer only lasts for two days. 

Implementing a countdown timer on your website will attract customers to purchase, mainly because everyone loves a bargain. With the timer, the customer will always be aware of how much time they have before purchasing if they want a steal. 

We hope that our tips will lead you to many more customers and will boost your conversion rate!


A call-to-action button is crucial. Your call-to-action should encourage the visitor to make the purchase; it’s a push in the right direction. A call-to-action can be anything from inspiring your visitors to share your content on their social media, start their journey by making a purchase, or subscribe to a newsletter. 

Include call-to-actions all over your website and make sure that they’re inspiring and accessible. You want the visitor to get to the destination by clicking on the call-to-action button.