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What is an email trail and how to turn it into PDF (2024)

Learn what’s an email trail and how to turn it into a PDF in a few clicks.

An email trail is a message accompanied by its replies. They form a thread. It allows you to read the conversation’s history and easily access its critical details. You can also save it in PDF. You should do so in legal discussions. Read more about email trails in this article.

How to turn an email trail into a PDF

You could turn an email trail into a PDF for many reasons. The most common is for professional or legal purposes. You may need to submit the webmail trail as physical evidence of your communication with someone. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open your email account.
  2. Double-click the desired message.
  3. Open its trail.
  4. Go to the “print” option in your browser.
  5. Select “Save as PDF.”
  6. Choose the destination of the file.
  7. Choose an appropriate name.
  8. Click “Save.”

Go to where you saved the file to ensure it’s there. It’s important to observe that different email providers may have slightly different steps. And depending on your situation, you may wish to send the email trail online. Read below how to proceed in this case.

How to send email trails

Go to your email account. Open an email. Then, open its trail. Finally, select the option “Forward all.” Choose the recipients in your address book. Write a descriptive subject line, and click “send.” Done; you’ve sent an email trail.

Who can view email trails?

All recipients involved in the conversation can see email trails. But, when you’re sending it to someone else, be sure to use the “Forward all” option. Otherwise, the recipient will only receive the latest message.

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Email chain or trail?

They’re synonyms. Both are emails sent after the initial reply, documenting the conversation’s history. You can forward it to other people, or you can save it in PDF. You can use other synonyms, like “email thread.”

Email trail synonym

The most common synonym for “email trail” is “email chain.” But there are many others you can use to convey your message if you wish to use synonyms to keep your text from sounding repetitive; read below for some email trail synonyms.

  • Email thread
  • Email chain
  • Email stream
  • Email sequence
  • Email conversation

What’s an email trail audit?

An email audit trail consists of tracking email messages. The goal is to keep a record of them. This practice is common in companies. They use it to know if workers are breaking policies.

Doing so is critical for online security, as it prevents workers from engaging in activities that may endanger the company’s systems. Reckless online behaviour may make the workplace susceptible to things like:

Many website and email hosts ensure protection through an HTTPS protocol and an SSL certificate, but it’s still critical for companies to take preventive measures against all email threats.