Paid Search Advertising with Google Ads

Put your business in front of shoppers when they are searching for your product

Google Ads is an advertising solution to promote your website to potential customers on Google's search results page when they search for related terms. Talk about good timing!

At, the Google Ads service helps you create and manage your ads so that you're getting the best return for your budget. Every customer with an email or hosting subscription can sign up to Google Ads via their control panel. New users also qualify for a "two-for-one" offer on the most popular plan so their monthly subscription will run for 60 days for the price of 30.

Reach customers at the right time

Google Ads gets your business seen by potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for what you offer, bringing interested people to your website. It's never been easier to get to page one of search results!

This is your ad

Stand out by getting your business at the top of results for relevant search terms.

Easy to get started

Our step-by-step tool gets you started in minutes, even if you're new to online advertising. Just answer a few questions, pick your package, and your ads are online. You no longer need to know the technical terms before you get what you want - results.

Google Ads step by step

Our easy to follow step-by-step tool guides you through the process.

Improved results

Our search engine marketing service automatically learns from campaign performance and optimizes bids to save money and get better results over time. It does so by adjusting your bids and weights across your keywords. Think of Google Ads as a managed hassle-free way to optimize paid advertising.