WordPress - Now easier than ever

Now you can easily access the popular open source publishing tool WordPress via your control panel at One.com. WordPress is installed easily, without any need to download, upload via FTP or set up, through our new 1-click installer. A single click, a few fields to fill in, and then you are started on your own domain. The best part is that it's completely free to use WordPress when you are a customer with One.com!

WordPress - a multi tool for any serious website owner

WordPress was created in 2003 and is now used on over 60 million websites. It is continually updated through an open source community of developers. Companies are making a living creating new themes, templates and plugins that enhance the experience or enriches the functionality. You've an effectively future-proof website that is easily updated and maintained with the latest security and anti-spam software integrated.

Mobile friendly with minimal effort

Would you like to make your website or blog mobile friendly? WordPress delivers themes/templates that are mobile friendly and provide an optimal viewing experience of your website on any device. You can benefit from using a WordPress installation, move your content and select a mobile friendly (responsive) theme that suits your taste. This will free you from heavy programming and editing source code.

Get started right away

You can get started now with your WordPress 1-click installation via your control panel at One.com.