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Cooking for a Cause

Meet Jonas Højland, the founder of Cooking for a Cause, where the goal is to make a positive impact through delicious meals. We’re excited that the website cookingforacause.dk is hosted at one.com. Explore Jonas’s story and find out how Cooking for a Cause is spreading compassion and making a difference in communities.

Equality, compassion, and fun

Before Cooking for a Cause started in 2014, the project’s co-founder noticed homeless people and drug addicts in their local area of Denmark going without proper meals. He got in touch with Jonas, suggesting that they set up a dinner to feed 50 homeless people.  

Despite challenges, they made it happen in three weeks with sponsors, volunteers, and a venue. Reflecting on the experience, Jonas says, “I must say, those were very fun weeks. I got everything set up in just three weeks, and before we knew it, we were featured on both local and national radio and TV.” This marked the beginning of Cooking for a Cause, which hosts yearly events to fundraise for good causes.  

When it comes to core values, everyone at Cooking for a Cause is a volunteer, and everything from the food, wine and venue is sponsored by companies. This keeps the project focused on being equal and having fun. We make sure that everyone, including volunteers, guests, or sponsors, feels valued and surprises are a must – from music and stand-up to extra chefs and dishes. During events, everything should revolve around the dinner table, and there are no extra auctions or money-focused activities.”

The role of one.com

Jonas explains that the role of one.com was a real game-changer for Cooking for a Cause. When considering alternatives, he found one.com not only more user-friendly but also cost-effective. The seamless experience with one.com’s Website Builder perfectly aligned with the foundation’s need for easy administration.

Additionally, using webmail from one.com has been reliable and easy for Cooking for a Cause. Setting up professional emails for the organisation’s members has helped them show a polished, trustworthy face when reaching out to potential sponsors. Jonas highlights,

“Choosing one.com has really made Cooking for a Cause run smoothly and look professional.”

Future goals

Looking ahead, Cooking for a Cause has set ambitious goals for the next five years. They aim not only to donate over 1,000,000 DKK to charitable causes, but also to inspire others to undertake similar initiatives. Additionally, the foundation is determined to improve their visibility through PR and marketing efforts.  

We’re truly impressed by this initiative which shows how a simple idea can turn into something meaningful that positively impacts many lives. Curious to learn more? Visit cookingforacause.dk

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