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Build customer trust with a good ‘about us’ text

How to write an effective About Us page for your website

When your goal is to create an outstanding site for your business, it’s about more than just presenting your products. The competition is tough and it’s important to stand out from the crowd.  

With a good ‘about us’ page, you give potential customers an authentic insight into your company’s vision, philosophy, and goals – and perhaps most importantly, a look at the people behind your logo. 

In this article, we explore why the texts on your about us page are so important. You also get tips on what you can write on your website’s about us page, and how you can save time with AI. Read along below! 

What is an about us page?

At its most basic, your company’s about us page is the section of your website where you tell visitors about the purpose of your company. However, the page can be much more than just that. 

Imagine that you could have a conversation with one of your potential customers. You’re sitting together in a cosy café and they’re asking questions about you, your company, the products, and maybe also about your team, if you have one.  

These are the questions you should answer on your about us page. If you keep this picture in mind, it will immediately become easier to avoid jargon and platitudes. Below we take a closer look at the importance of your about us texts for your brand. 

Why the text on your about us page matters

The text on your about us page plays an important role in the impression your visitors and potential customers get of your company. This is where you can start to lay a good foundation for brand trust and loyal repeat customers. 

The copy on your about us also serves technical purposes, including for the search engine optimisation of your website. Although you should always have the reader in mind when writing the texts for the about us section, it is a good idea to carry out keyword analysis before you start writing. This way, you can more easily optimise your text for search engines, increasing your chances of achieving a good position in the search results. If you need tips, we recommend checking out our article, “What is SEO?” 

What to write on your about us page

The goal of the texts on your about us page is to give your audience a good understanding and a positive impression of your company. It’s important to keep in mind the way you convey the information is a crucial factor in whether your visitors remember your brand when they have left your website. You can read more about this in our article Strengthen your brand with storytelling – 5 tips. 

About Us checklist

When you start writing the texts for your about us page, you can use the checklist below as a guide to make sure you include the most important elements. You can of course just be creative with the headlines, as long as you get your company’s key messages across. 

Your mission and vision

Here you can share the thoughts and ideas that led you to start your business. Tell your potential customers what you want to achieve, what problems you want to solve, and why you think it’s important. This can usually be done in a very short text, as long as the words are chosen and put together carefully. It’s about convincing, but most of all about being honest, relatable, and transparent. 

Det her tilbyder vi

Tell your visitors what type of products and services your company offers. This text should be closely linked to the text about your mission and vision, because this is where you will answer the questions “How is the problem solved” and “Why are these solutions or products better or different from the competitors?” 

Mød vores team

Regardless of whether you have a small or medium-sized business, it is beneficial to put a face to the people who run the business to make it easier for potential customers to relate to your brand. Here you can, for example, present the individual employees with pictures and a short bio. You can also include a group photo or video of your entire team together.  

If you have a sole proprietorship, you can instead write a short description of yourself and combine it with a picture or a video. 

How you work

In this section, you can give your visitors an insight into what your company does to ensure a good and inclusive working environment. Here you can, for example, answer questions such as:  

  • What characterises a good workplace for you?  
  • How do you collaborate?  
  • Do you value meeting outside of work hours to get to know each other better?  
  • How does your company cooperate with suppliers and manufacturers?  

One might immediately think that it is not particularly relevant for potential customers, but it is very important as it gives the reader an even more complete picture of who is behind the company. 

Social proof

Social proof can be used in more places than on your about us page, including on your home page and in your online marketing campaigns. But it can still be smart to also share social proof on the about us page because many visitors navigate to this page if they want to know more about your company. Social proof is, very briefly, statements from satisfied customers who are already happy with your products or solutions. Social proof can be shared in a wide variety of ways, including video clips or quotes with name and image. You can read more about social proof in this article. 

Generate your about us page in minutes with AI

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned or inexperienced writer, you can benefit from AI (artificial intelligence), when writing your about us page. There are severeal advantages, including that you save time, prevent writer’s block, and get support in writing convincing texts. The text can always be edited so that you can put your personal and unique touch on them. 

Let one.com’s AI Writing Assistant write your about us text

If you create your website with the Website Builder from one.com, you can let our AI writing assistant help you put together a good about us page. Below we go through the process step by step: 

Step 1

Log ind i Hjemmesideprogrammet. Herefter kan du navigere til din om os-side.

Step 2

Select a text box in the about us section and click Help me write. When you do, a new window will open. Here you need to answer the question What is the subject of the text? In this case, you can choose About which is one of the default topics.

Step 3

The next step is to write keywords or a short description that our AI writing assistant can use as a starting point when generating your about us text. This is your prompt. Before continuing, you can also choose whether the text should consist of one or two paragraphs. 

If you want tips on how to write a good AI prompt, we can recommend our article How to write AI prompts. 

Step 4

Now you are ready to click on Write text. The AI assistant now generates a text for you in seconds. If you are satisfied with the text, you can insert it directly on your website or copy it. If you are not satisfied, you can click on Try again.

Step 5

Although the AI writing assistant generates well-written texts, there will probably be many cases where you still want to edit the text to adapt it to your company’s tone of voice. You can easily do this by selecting the text box again and clicking Edit text. Now you can edit and refine the text exactly as you want. 

Whether you want to use the AI assistant is of course entirely up to you. If you would rather write all your texts yourself, you always have the possibility to do so. 

 About us text: 4 examples 

To give you a taste sample of the texts you can generate with our AI writing assistant, we asked it to generate about us texts for four different fictitious companies. The texts in our examples do not include all the sections we mentioned in our checklist above. But we hope that they still give you a sense of the texts you can generate with the AI assistant in our Website Builder.  

  1. Small online shop with organic health food: Greener, founded by dietitian Daria Smith, is your destination for quality health food products. We focus on offering a wide selection of vegetarian and organic products. At Greener, we strive to make health-conscious choices easy and accessible for everyone.  
    Our online shop offers carefully selected vegetarian and organic health food products that suit everyone. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or just want to include more healthy alternatives in your diet, Greener has everything you need to support a healthy lifestyle. Visit us today and discover our exciting range of products!
  1. Hairdresser: We are a dedicated team of hairdressers at salon MorningHair in Bradford, who are passionate about creating beautiful and modern hairstyles for our customers. With our expertise and passion for beauty, we offer tailored cuts, colouring, and styling to all our customers, regardless of needs and wishes. 
    Our salon in Bradford is a cosy and relaxing place where you can treat yourself to professional hair treatments. We emphasise quality service, personal attention, and a pleasant atmosphere, so that you always feel welcome with us. Visit MorningHair and let us pamper you and your hair! 
  1. Online yoga courses: Welcome to AmandaYoga – your online destination for yoga classes! I have been teaching yoga for 15 years and am passionate about sharing the joy of yoga with everyone. Our courses take place online, so you can join at any time, wherever you are. And remember, everyone is welcome – even beginners! 
    By taking part in online yoga classes at AmandaYoga, you will experience community, well-being and renewed energy in body and mind. Whether you are a beginner or already experienced, we adapt our courses to suit you. Come and join the journey towards a stronger, more flexible, and balanced version of yourself!
  2. Italian restaurant:  Pasta Della Nonna is more than just an Italian restaurant – it is a piece of Italy in the heart of Huddersfield. We are proud to serve authentic and rustic Italian food made from local ingredients. Our menu is composed with love and respect for the culinary traditions that characterise Italian cuisine. 
    We welcome everyone to enjoy our tasty dishes, whether you are alone, with your family or friends. Pasta Della Nonna is the perfect place to experience true Italian culinary art in cosy surroundings. We look forward to treating your taste buds to our delicious pasta, pizza, and other Italian delicacies. 

A convincing about us page

There is much to be gained by creating a compelling and honest about us page, where the copy gives your visitors a positive impression of your brand and the team that runs your business. Feel free to use the checklist from this article, but don’t be afraid to get creative to find new ways of communicating your passion. What is most crucial is that you answer your customers’ most important questions – even before they ask them! 

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