Make best use of your webspace

Make best use of your webspace

The webspace you require for a website differs greatly. For instance, a simple site with just text will take up less webspace than a site with photo sharing and video downloads. If you intend to have a large and complex site, remember this when you decide how much webspace you need.


A megabyte of webspace may not mean a great deal to you, of course. To put matters in context, 1 MB is roughly one minute of music on an MP3; six seconds of sound on a CD; a 1024 x 1024 pixel image; and 500 pages of text. It is also the equivalent of 1000 KB.


To judge how much webspace you need for your digital photos, get an idea of their total size. To do this, place your pointer on a selection of the photos on your computer. The details that appear include the size in either KB or MB. From the figures given, work out an average. Then simply multiply this by the number of photos in your collection.

Your options with

When you choose as your web host, you have three options. All three have the same features apart from the size of webspace. No matter what package that appeals to you, a webspace from can strengthen your online presence with online photo galleries and blog.

The available webspace range from 25 GB to 8,000 GB. GB refers to gigabytes and is a measurement of stored computer data. 25 GB, for instance, is a measure of the amount of webspace memory you have available for storing your images, text, photos, webmail, database and website functions.

Upgrade and expand

As you add pictures to your photo albums and build your website with the Website Builder that comes with your web space, you may well run out of webspace. 25 GB of webspace, which gave you a good start, may not be enough.Don't let this cause you concern, however. With as your host, you can easily upgrade to a webspace with 100 or 200 GB or more - and for a reasonable price.