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marketgoo Search Engine Optimiser

The easiest SEO solution for beginners and small businesses

marketgoo Search Engine Optimiser is a comprehensive SEO tool that gives you competitive information and recommends practical steps you can take to improve your search rankings.

Being ranked highly on search engines is one of the key ingredients of a successful website, as it allows you to get quality traffic back to your site. If you haven't done search engine optimisation (SEO) before, this may seem overwhelming, but fear not. marketgoo Search Engine Optimiser helps you improve search rankings with simple tweaks to your existing site:

Step 1: The SEO audit

As you can see, marketgoo gives your site an SEO score, detects your traffic levels and discovers the right words to include in your copy (known as “target keywords”) and finds how you compare against competitors in search rankings across those keywords. Their SEO report includes other important characteristics that may impact your ranking, such as load times and mobile-friendliness. You can even get a list of other websites linking to yours (“backlinks”), which is an important indicator of how relevant your website is. All this together gives you a holistic understanding of the most important things to tackle to improve your search rankings.

As an introductory offer, all customers are entitled to a free SEO audit available from their control panel. Afterwards, a low monthly fee applies to regular scans and updated recommendations by marketgoo.

You can add marketgoo to your order at or unlock it for an existing order in the control panel. Our WordPress Premium plan even includes marketgoo subscription for free.

Step 2: The SEO Plan

The free SEO audit is a great start and gives you an overview of how you score on the various aspects of SEO. Search Engine Optimiser takes it to the next level. It gives you step-by-step instructions to fix any issues and additional features such as keyword opportunities as well as competitive research.

Here is what you will get with Search Engine Optimiser:

Get actionable recommendations

As a small business owner, you can't afford to waste time with metrics and numbers you can't act on. Search Engine Optimiser automatically scans your site weekly and sends reports each month that summarise the priority tasks that will boost your SEO results the most in an easy-to-understand manner.

Keep an eye on your competitors

The reports also let you know how you are faring against competitors for your most important keywords. If a competitor is quickly rising, perhaps you can find out why, and quickly act to mitigate that by producing more content or trying to get more links from news and review sites.

High-quality traffic

Not all web traffic is equal. When someone comes to your website from a search engine, they would have been searching for exactly what you sell. That way, they are more likely to purchase from you. That is why traffic from search engines are more valuable than from other channels.

You don't need a team of experts

marketgoo Search Engine Optimiser makes SEO possible without deep technical knowledge. That way, the additional business you get from increased traffic goes to your bottom line, not to the experts you hire.

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