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Email at does not only provide access to creating an unlimited number of mail addresses. Webmail hosting and antivirus as well as spam filter are included in all web spaces from Likewise, you have the option of choosing between IMAP and POP3. Acquire all the advantages of having email on your own domain at a competitive price.

For example, email at provides access to the following elements:

Unlimited number of email addresses
Spam filter
Alias addresses
Mail on mobile phone

Email - An essential means of communication

Despite the emergence of instant messaging programmes, blogs and various forms of status updates, for the majority, email has retained its position as an essential means of communication. The email has many advantages. You can choose to answer an email immediately or later. With very limited costs, you can send news emails, marketing mails, etc. to many recipients and it is easy to archive emails for later use.

IMAP email

If you choose an email setup with IMAP at, all your mails will be safely and securely stored on the mail server. Should an accident happen such as malfunctioning of your hard disk or your computer, you will not lose valuable data as a result of this. You see, a daily backup has secured your mails against almost any conceivable threat.

Auto reply and forwarding

Email hosting at features a number of functions that help you to be productive by organising your time and resources in the best possible way.

For example, create an auto reply to answer emails on your behalf if you are prevented from checking your mail for a shorter or longer period. An auto reply (also called "out of office") provides you with the option of sending an automatic message as a response to all those people who contact you in a given period. In so doing, you ensure that the sender receives a receipt that the mail has reached you and that the person can expect a reply from you at a later point.

Many people now have several email addresses and instead of having to log into several accounts, it can be an advantage to gather many email accounts into a single log-in. Make use of the chance to save time by using forwarding and simultaneously make use of the option of creating as many email addresses as you want. In this way, you can organise the content of your various in-trays so it suits your needs best.

Alias and catch-all addresses

Alias addresses are a further help to retaining an overview when you have a lot on your plate. The function of an alias address is to simply accept and immediately forward an email to the required destination - completely automatically.

As an extra precaution that you receive all emails, there is the so-called "catch-all" address (also called "star alias"). The special thing about the catch-all email address, as the name indicates, is that such an address catches all mail sent to non-existing addresses on the domain. This means that regardless of what the sender writes before the '@' character, the email will be received. The domain part of the email address just needs to be written correctly then the catch-all address will receive the email. This is an advantage in those instances when a sender makes a typing error.

Read more: Mail Administration - The many options of mail at

At there is no obstacle to using the many email functions in combination with each other.

Email address on own domain

A web space at provides access to all these options and many more.

When you have your own domain, the domain name is included as that part of the email address specified after the '@' character. Thus, having your own domain gives you the possibility of having a unique and personal email address so you are certain you send the right signals to those people you communicate with.

Many people make use of a free email address at Google, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. A free email address can also be excellent for many purposes. However, they lack some of the advantages you have access to when paying for a mail solution at, e.g.

Writing from an email address under a domain name signals credibility. Anyone can create a Hotmail address in just a few minutes, whereas it is more binding to register a domain with a mail account. Statistical calculations show that approx. 80% of all mail traffic is spam (2010) a large part of which come from existing and fake senders with Gmail accounts.

By having your own domain name, you can decide what the email address is to be called. Moreover, you will be free of imposed advertising banners - this applies to the mail itself but also those websites in which you log onto the email account. Thus, you can focus on the important things without being distracted. With a subscription at, you do not need to worry about spam or the risk of virus. Thanks to the built-in antivirus programme and spam filter on the web space, security is at its best. The flexibility in having web mail - and IMAP access combined with the security of antivirus, spam filter and daily backup - rarely accompanies a free email address.

Always accessible with web mail

The most ordinary way of reading mails is by using an email client, for instance the free Mozilla Thunderbird, OSX Mail or Microsoft Outlook. However, in many situations it is useful to be able to have access to mails via other computers than just your own personal computer. This may be at the workplace, from a holiday destination, or simply just because you don't want to have to use a specific mail programme on your computer. In these situations, web mail would be the obvious solution.

Web mail gives you access to your in-tray from an ordinary web browser by entering the email address and the appurtenant password. In so doing, you have flexible access to your mails from any computer with connection to the Internet.

Online calendar with address book

For many people, the use of email is inextricably linked to planning tools such as an address book and calendar. Therefore, has gathered these functions into an advanced web mail solution that is made available to all clients. The web mail is actually far more than just a mail programme; it is also a tool for effective planning and productive utilisation of time resources. For the largest possible security, the web mail is encrypted so that unauthorised persons cannot gain access to your mail account.

Antivirus, spam filter and good passwords

For reasons of security, it is always a good idea to choose passwords carefully. A good password, regardless of whether it's for mail or the web space, comprises a combination of numbers as well as upper-case and lower-case letters so that an ordinary word is not formed. Thus, other people will have a far more difficult time trying to guess your password than if you chose a regularly used word as a password.

At, all email addresses are protected by antivirus and spam filter. We update our virus protection at least once every hour so that there is always maximum security for your mail. You have the option of adjusting the spam filter so that it suits those types of mails you want to receive.

Easy to start using mail on the mobile phone

By setting up your mobile phone for email, you can have even more freedom of movement than you have with web mail. It is not necessary to have the latest smartphone. As a main rule, any mobile telephone that is able to receive and send text messages can also receive and send emails. A special mobile phone subscription is not normally required either.

In order to spread the knowledge of the options of mail on the mobile phone and to make it as easy as possible to get started, we have made a collection of guides that are available on's website here: Guides & FAQ -

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