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What Are Orphan Pages and How Do They Affect My Website?

Orphan pages are webpages that are not linked to from any other page on the website. This means that they are difficult for search engines to find and index, which can hurt your website’s SEO. In this article, we will explain what orphan pages are and how you can find them on your own website. We will also discuss some of the consequences of having orphan pages, and how you can fix them!


Brief Summary


An orphan page is a webpage that is not linked to from any other pages on a website, making it difficult for users and search engine crawlers to find the page. Orphan pages are likely not being indexed by search engines because crawlers can’t find them.

What are orphan pages?

Orphan pages are webpages that do not have any internal links pointing to them. This means that search engine crawlers may have difficulty discovering and indexing them. Additionally, since visitors can’t find these orphan pages without manually typing in the URL or using an external link from another website, they are often overlooked and not utilized.

Why are orphan pages bad?

Having orphan pages on your website can have a negative effect on SEO rankings and visitor experience. Search engines may be unable to find and index these pages, meaning they won’t show up in search engine results. Additionally, if visitors find themselves on an orphan page with no links to other pages, it can lead to a frustrating user experience.

How to find orphan pages on a website?

There are several ways to find orphan pages on your website. The most straightforward way is to use a link-checking tool or website crawler, such as Screaming Frog. These tools will scan your entire website and report any pages that don’t have internal links pointing to them. You can also manually check if your pages are indexed by using the site feature in Google and searching for “site:yourwebsite.com/page”.

How to fix orphan pages?

Once you have identified the orphan pages on your website, you will need to take steps to fix them. The first step is to add internal links to the orphan page from other pages on your website. This will make it easier for search engine crawlers to find and index them, as well as allowing visitors to navigate to them more easily. Additionally, you may want to gain external links pointing to the page, such as from social media or other websites.