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What is the cc on an email?

You can choose from several receivers when composing an email in your email programme. One of them is the ‘cc’ type. But what does cc in an email mean? And what can you do with it? You will read it in this article.


Brief Summary


Carbon Copy (CC) is an email feature that allows you to send a copy of an email to someone in addition to the primary recipient.

What is cc?

‘Cc’ is the abbreviation for ‘carbon copy’. The word comes from carbon paper. It is paper with which you make a second copy when you write on it. Cc means sending a copy to someone who is not the actual receiver.

Why cc in an email?

Cc is often used to notify someone of the information in the email. Let’s say you reply to a colleague and put your manager’s email address in the cc. The person in the cc does not necessarily have to send a reply, but it can.

Why not cc in an email?

Cc is a helpful feature, but keep in mind that others than just the receiver can read the content. Therefore, consider putting only a few people in the cc or leaving out confidential information.

What is bcc?

Besides cc, there is also the type bcc. Bcc stands for ‘blind carbon copy’. You send a copy of an email to other people, but no one can see there are multiple receivers. Often, bcc is used for privacy reasons.

What is the difference between cc and bcc?

The difference between cc and bcc is in privacy. With cc, everyone can see who received the email. With bcc, the receivers only see their email address.

How do you use cc?

You can easily send someone a cc. Go to your email programme and choose to whom you want to send an email. Below, you’ll see an option to add an email address to the cc. You send the email to the receiver as any other email, and someone will get a copy of it.

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