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Premium Mail

An entire suite of tools to sync emails, contacts and calendars, increase security and more.

Premium Mail is a service that is built on top of Exchange ActiveSync to provide you with advanced email features. Exchange ActiveSync is a protocol from Microsoft to keep your emails, contacts and calendars synced, whether you're online or offline.

On top of that, Premium Mail gives you these additional features:

Advanced search

Searching for a particular phrase in the content of your email can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. Advanced search indexes your entire mailbox to help you find the right information quickly.

Trusted Senders

By adding people to your added senders list, emails from these important contacts will never go to spam.

Login alerts

Receive login alerts whenever your mail account is accessed from abroad. You can add “trusted” countries to avoid raising false alarms. You can also change the contact number at any time.

Premium Mail is free to try for 60 days, so you can see if it is right for you! You can cancel at any time during the trial, no questions asked. After 60 days, Premium Mail will be available for a small monthly fee.

Get started with Premium Mail

How is Premium Mail/Exchange ActiveSync different from IMAP/POP?

While IMAP and POP3 are fine for keeping your emails synced, Premium Mail also works with contacts and calendars. This way, if you accept a calendar invitation on your computer, your phone will also display the meeting and the right participants from your contact list.