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On cyber security

In the context of recent cyber incidents affecting other hosters, one.com is providing additional clarity on our security measures to reassure customers.

Protecting customer data has always been a priority for one.com, and security is built into the DNA of our infrastructure. With cybercrime increasing, we continuously deploy new security measures to ensure the highest security for our customers.

Our customers rely on secure online presence solutions

As a digital service provider, one.com works hard to ensure robustness of our services, systems, and facilities. Encryption, certificates, network separation are some of the measures we take – at no extra cost to our customers. As an example, for mail we work with industry leading partners Halon, Spamhaus and Cyren for the fastest and best protection available.

Cybersecurity is deeply integrated into our business operations as well.As Jacob Zwicki, our Chief Information Security Officer, explains,

Security is a responsibility we share and handle with the greatest care. Incident handling, business continuity management, monitoring, auditing, and testing procedures are at the core of our security and risk management frameworks. Our top management is highly committed to these efforts to ensure the security of our customers’ data.

How to stay secure online

With this integration, you will be able to handle your accounting much quicker and easier, without the need to manually import all transactions to an accounting software. Through the API, all transactions are imported automatically, eliminating the risk of human errors.

While we invest continuously into cybersecurity, our customers can also do a lot to protect their data.

Here are a few essential tips from our knowledge base:

Modern cyber threats are constantly evolving and complexifying. As new attack vectors become known, whether it’s against competitors or us, the in-house security team will give it extra focus and attention. Stay tuned and stay safe.

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