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What are the best WordPress themes?

8 WordPress themes that can benefit your website!

We’ve compiled a list of 8 WordPress themes below that can benefit you in your website design journey. If you feel overwhelmed right now trying to figure out the best themes for WordPress and your business, this list will benefit you. 

We will not overbear you with a long list of themes that we think are good to have; no, we will provide you with a list of the best WordPress themes that’ll work perfectly with specific businesses. For example, if you own a restaurant and can’t decide on a theme, don’t worry! 

We’ll recommend a great theme for your restaurant business. Also, most of the themes are the best free WordPress themes out there. 

If your business aligns with the themes we have mentioned, then you should most likely download it. And don’t worry; we’ll guide you through our list and explain why each of these themes will benefit and streamline your business process.

What are WordPress themes?

Having the best WordPress theme is an essential factor in your WordPress journey. A theme is what catches your visitors eye. Have you ever visited a website and marvelled at the design? It might have even made you visit every page because you’ve found the idea of the WordPress theme fascinating. This is a feeling and a sense of wonder you want to aim for when choosing a theme for your WordPress website. 

The most common types of website themes are themes with a header, a sidebar to the right or left and the main piece of content with perhaps an accompanying image in the middle. Choosing a theme depends on what type of business you’re running. What are you selling on your website? For example, if you list homes for sale, your website should have a theme that focuses heavily on images. In fact, your visitor should only see a large image of, for example, a kitchen and your header at the bottom of the page when they first visit your website.

Unlimited WordPress themes

WordPress has spoiled us with the number of themes we can choose from. There are over 10,000 WordPress themes available for our use. 

WordPress has a large community of developers and designers creating thousands of themes, and therefore choosing the perfect and most reliable WordPress theme can be a challenge. Fortunately, many of the best WordPress themes are also free WordPress themes. Hence, you can test and play around with different themes until you find your favourite one. 

Why is it important to have the best WordPress theme?

Having one of the highest-rated WordPress themes can improve your website and your end-user experience. 

  • You can improve the apperance of your website by customising colours, typographs and other elements; increase the attractiveness of your website. 
  • WordPress themes will update on a constant basis and help prevent malware attacks.
  • WordPress themes allow you to boost your online presence by utilising all the features that the themes offer.
  • You can maintain the quality of your website with the help of WordPress themes and the use of SEO optimized codes. 

It’s vital to ensure that you’re downloading the most reliable WordPress theme. Ensure that the provider is trustworthy and that the theme is quality assured and performs well. 

Now that you’re aware of how important a WordPress theme is, let’s go through some of our favourite themes that will hopefully benefit you in your journey, especially regarding the type of business you’re operating. 

Top 8 must-have WordPress themes for your business

In this list, we’ve compiled a variety of WordPress themes that’ll elevate your website. We’ve made sure to cover all grounds regarding what you’ll most likely need the most, depending on what kind of business you’re operating. So, let’s start.

New beginners

  • Awaken

The Awaken theme is an elegant magazine-style layout that is structured with different sections. It’s crafted beautifully and is built in such a way that scales up with your operations. There is also a Pro paid version that gives you access to more features such as AJAX widgets and more slides.

This theme is great if you’re a new website owner. It’s a simple and beautiful theme and will benefit you as you’re just dipping your toes into the website design world. You don’t want a WordPress theme that is too complicated when you are just starting; start with something simple and move your way up when you feel that it’s time.

  • Astra

Astra is also another WordPress theme that is great for new beginners. The Astra theme offers numerous free extensions, which is great as you don’t have to look for extensions that can elevate your website when you’re a new website owner.  

The Astra theme also offers a smooth experience, various customisation, and is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the loading time. In addition, an online shop is included in the theme. If you’re a new website beginner and want to start selling products online, this is a great theme for you. 

Restaurant/café owners

  • Auberge

Auberge is an excellent theme customised for restaurants and cafes, with specific sections for menus and reservations. It’s laid out in a clean and minimalist fashion and is perfect for anyone who wants to start their business immediately and have their website accessible. 

Auberge is a modern theme with customisable colours and is responsive. You can share your tasty recipes with your customers or share the delicious food you’ll be serving in your restaurant or café via food menus. 

For travellers 

  • Travel way

If you’re running a travel blog, the Travel way theme is the theme for you. You can share all the photos you’ve taken during your travels. In addition, the Travel way theme can be used if you’re operating a travel agency. You can showcase your destinations, for example. You can also combine the theme with the WooCommerce plugin to sell, for example, tour packages or travel guidebooks online. 

The theme is responsive, and the layout is very modern. Additionally, the theme includes the finest technology, such as captivating graphics. 

Optimise your website

  • Zakra

If you want your website to be SEO optimised, Zakra is a great WordPress theme that’ll help you establish your SEO optimised website. The Zakra theme is extremely fast when it loads; it’s optimised for large search engines such as Google and supports various SEO plugin that you might need to elevate your website.

The Zakra WordPress theme is flexible and professional. You can run a website for your portfolios, or your wedding business, or your WooCommerce store, to name a few. 

Formal websites

  • EduPress

Sometimes, you might need a website that can support a huge information architecture. A huge information architecture simplifies navigation; it helps visitors find the information they are looking for quickly and effortlessly. The EduPress theme is a theme that will help you with just that. 

The EduPress theme has a modern, clean design with a two-column layout and is super easy to navigate. Think of all the university websites you’ve visited, for example, and how their theme supports the information architecture a university needs. This theme works great for people operating education, business, corporate or non-profit websites. 

WooCommerce support

  • Athena 

Athena is a great theme with built-in support for WooCommerce and other features geared towards small businesses. If you want to sell products or services on your WordPress website, the Athena theme helps with just that. 

The Athena theme is filled with features; it’s super user-friendly, which will only elevate your users’ end experience and has a responsive theme. 

You can use the Athena theme and run websites for restaurateurs, freelancers, photographers, and creative agencies. Also, the theme is mobile responsive, which is another plus. You can also customise your website and choose between the numerous colour options, and you won’t even have to work with coding. 


  • Morphology Lite

Morphology Lite is a highly visual theme for WordPress. The theme enables you to create attractive websites with multiple images. For example, if you’re a photographer or designer, this theme will suit you perfectly. 

If you’re looking to integrate eCommerce, for example, if you want to sell your photographs, the pro version has WooCommerce integration built-in.

The Morphology Lite is responsive and has a modern design. You can customise the theme according to your wishes. You can create the gallery of your dreams with this WordPress theme. 

We’ve reached the finish line. Every theme on this list can be very useful and beneficial if you want to grow your business and brand awareness. If you’re a new beginner or looking for the best WordPress theme for your business, our recommended themes will guide you. All you have to do is install the theme that suits you perfectly and see the magic happen.