New website for reporting corruption in India

Written: Dec 10, 2010 Category: Website
A new website offers Indian citizens an opportunity to report corruption. In honour of International Anti-Corruption Day, India's Central Vigilance Commission recently launched a new website for concerned citizens who wish to report cases of corruption to the authorities.

The new portal, called VIGEYE, can be accessed at Concerned citizens can download a mobile application to their smartphone or mobile device, which can then be used to record video or audio of corrupt behaviour.

VIGEYE is being promoted as a means to ensure the proper functioning of democracy in India. The Times of India referred to the initiative as "citizen-centric" and claimed it "will enable even the common man to carry out a sting operation".

Concerned citizens without smartphones can also report corrupt activities to the CVC by text message.

CVC chief P.J. Thomas told the Times of India the new website "is userfriendly and is an effective method for the citizens to report corruption".

Corruption is a perennial problem in India. A study by Transparency International found more than 75 percent of Indian citizens had experience of either paying a bribe or peddling influence in order to achieve a desired result.