Do you need webmail?

By the year 2012, analysts believe that 20% of businesses will use webmail. Email clients will remain the preferred method of Internet communication, but many more people will value the benefits of webmail.


This increasing use of webmail is not limited to certain types of business. Any company where staff may be away from the office find webmail easy to access. You don't need to carry a company laptop to check your messages. As long as a computer with an Internet connection is available, you can enter your webmail account.

This is particularly handy if you have to work from home. Your company doesn't need to set you up with a computer. You can use your own home desktop or laptop to maintain online contact.


Webmail is also simple to use. Just visit the appropriate website, enter your username and password in the box that appears, and your mail comes on screen. You then proceed as you would with ordinary email. In other words, you can send, receive and check your mail messages.


Security is a major issue for businesses. Webmail, however, is server-based with proven security features.'s web servers, for example, are utterly dependable and give you peace of mind.


All webhosting solutions from includes a webmail that is simple to access, easy to use, secure and more flexible than email. It's hardly surprising that businesses are employing it to expand their means of communication.