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Create a website for an association

In just 5 minutes with our smart AI

A website for an association can become a gathering place for members and a way to foster engagement. In this article, we’ll explain how you can create a website in 5 minutes using the latest AI technology. Also, stick around until the end where we’ll provide 4 essential tips to consider before hitting ‘Publish’!

Create a website for an association in 5 minutes

Yes, 5 minutes! It only takes 5 minutes to create a website with AI. Tell our AI what your association does, what content you want on your website, and how you want it to look, and our AI can create it for you. After a few seconds of waiting, it’s ready, and you can make any changes you want. Here’s how to create a website using our AI:

  1. Start a 14-day trial with the Website Builder.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Click on Get started.
  4. Type Association under Category and choose the option that fits best.
  5. Write a brief description of your association.
  6. Add contact information if you wish.
  7. Choose a language.
  8. Let our AI do the job!

You now have a website! Our AI has created a website with a modern design, unique texts, and stylish images. You can click on Apply and then Publish.

Of course, you can manually edit the website however you like. You might want to choose different colours, swap out images, and customise the texts. With the Website Builder, you’re free to make any changes you wish to, and adding new features and blocks is easy. Just drag and drop! If you need help, we have a help centre with useful articles, and our customer service is available 24/7.

Why your association needs a website

A website provides new opportunities to communicate with members and individuals interested in joining your association. You have complete control and can add the features that suit you best.

Share news

You can keep your members interested and engaged by sharing everything happening in the association. Share a story about a member who has done something interesting. This way, you can increase engagement in the association.

Find new members

A website can be used as advertising for an association. With good optimisation, you can ensure that people searching for your association online can easily find it. On the website, you can explain what the association does and how those interested can join. For example, you can share when and how new children can join your soccer association.

Foster engagement in the association

With a website, you can easily create interactivity and engagement. With a comments section in WordPress, you can encourage members to contribute to the association’s development. You can also create features for submitting improvement suggestions and actively ask for members’ opinions.

Even though a website can provide your association with better control and greater flexibility than social media, you can also use your website with pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Your website can be a springboard for engagement within your association.

Share documents on member pages

If you want to create a more advanced website, you can add member pages. There, you can share documents that don’t need to be available to the public. For example, you can have contact lists, annual reports, and member information.

Suppose you want to create a website where members can log in. Check out our article on how you can add passwords to pages in WordPress. There, we explain how you can put a password on individual pages and how you can create individual logins for all members.

4 tips for creating a website for an association

Now we’ll share 4 quick tips that can be useful to know when creating your website.

1. Own your website, domain, and maintain control

Your association’s website is the place on the web where a clear identity is most important. A website’s identity is called a domain name. A domain is the address that leads to a website. It’s easy to find a unique domain, and once purchased, it’s owned by the association, meaning that the association owns its identity on the web. It remains unchanged even if the website were to be moved or modified.

Make sure you actually own your website and domain. Some companies help associations create and administer their website, but this can make it harder to make changes and limits its functionality. Since it’s easy to create and manage a modern website, you don’t need expensive help. When you create your own website, you retain full ownership and control over the website.

2. Make the website easy to edit

When creating your association’s website, it’s important to choose a simple tool and a simple design. This way, you can get help from others, and if someone else needs to take over administration, they can do so easily.

3. Avoid unwanted ads

It’s possible to create websites for free, but it can also include significant drawbacks. One such negative is that unwanted ads may appear on the website, which can look unprofessional and be inappropriate for young people. An ad-free website is not expensive, and by owning your own website, you can instead show ads that are directly related to your association. For example, your ads could instead present the local sponsors that are supporting your hockey team!

4. Host your website in the EU

GDPR legislation applies within the EU for both companies and associations, which sets high requirements for the handling of personal data. It’s important to keep GDPR in mind when creating a website, regardless of whether you plan to store personal data or not, as the association’s needs may change. To protect your association’s integrity, it’s key to use a strong password and preferably provide additional protection with two-factor authentication.

The location where your website’s data is hosted is of great importance for the GDPR. To avoid problems, it’s best to have the association’s website on a server within the EU. With a website from one.com, you can trust that you’re not exposing your members to risks, as all EU customers’ websites are hosted on servers in Denmark, which is an EU country.

Get started with your association’s new website

Now it’s time to get started! Build your association’s website with us, and let our AI do the heavy lifting for you. If you’d rather create an advanced website with features such as comments and member pages, you can do so with WordPress and try our Managed WordPress offering, where we maintain your website for you, assist with updates, and ensure it is protected from security threats.

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