A webserver has two main meanings

The term "webserver" has two main meanings.


The first refers to a computer that sends your website to Internet browsers and directs other files to various items of software. To do this, a webserver uses something known as HTTP. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer (or Transport) Protocol. This is the means of electronic communication that connects with a server and transfers your web pages in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to your browser. You may have seen 'http' at the beginning of website addresses.


The second generally accepted meaning for webserver refers to software rather than a complete computer system. In this instance, a webserver is the HTTP server software that handles any requests that come from a browser. In reply to such requests, the server software sends out HTML pages and files.

You'll find such software in a wide range of hardware. This hardware includes network devices that send data, video and voice messages between computer users. Examples of devices that may have these internal servers are print servers and routers.

The software also appears in many computer functions. Among the functions that contain the server software are control panels that you can use to show and edit various settings.

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