Setting up a website

Setting up a website with the website building tool Website Builder is easy. You can use one of the stylish templates and build your site around it or you can build the site from a blank template.

Using a template is the easiest and quickest way to proceed if you're new to website building. Even if you've created sites before, however, the stylish templates from are useful. They're a time-saving and effective way of helping you publish your site on the web hotel promptly.

Starting from scratch

Nonetheless, many people prefer the idea of setting up a website from scratch. They like the thought that they have full control over every detail.'s Website Builder software is also an ideal tool to create a site from a blank template without any images.

When you've finished creating your website, you can then publish it to's web server.


Once your site is on the web server, you may still want to go back to it and make changes. After all, editing is all part of the process of website creation. If you need any help along the way, the FAQ section, troubleshooting guides and 24/7 Live Chat are there to assist you.