The benefits of Website Builder

Website Builder gives you everything you need to build a first class website, whether for personal or business use. Its functions cover fonts, links, images, photos, text boxes, and much more. Website Builder even gives you shortcuts to setting up a website without delay.


Templates are one of the greatest features in Website Builder. To access these, you simply click on the Website Builder icon on the front page of your Control Panel. Then it is easy to choose a template for your website.

Don't think you have to stick rigidly with the template design, either. When you've made your choice you can change the template to suit your preferred style.


Of course, part of the enjoyment of having your own website is making it as individual as possible. Website Builder templates are a great starting point but you can opt to create a website from a blank template if you wish.


Whatever option you choose,'s Website Builder will help you construct the exact website you want. You can even go back into Website Builder at any time to edit what you've done or to add new material and pages. ensures that website building with Website Builder is both simple and a pleasure.

Remember to create and insert an email address as contact information on your website, so that visitors will know how to send you feedback.

Combine Website Builder with photo hosting by easily embedding photo albums or videos from YouTube in your webpages.