What is webhosting?

A webhosting provider gets your website online.

If you want to share information with other people on the Internet, you need a subscription with a webhosting provider. With One.com you can publish your website on your own domain, create a personal web log, display your photos in your a gallery, and run unlimited email-accounts.

A webhosting provider gives you the means to get your own space and create a website on the Internet. When you choose One.com as your webhosting provider, you can choose one of three great hosting packages. You also benefit from One.com's experience and skills.

How does webhosting work?

One.com looks after your website, gallery, email accounts and other features. All the content of your web space is located in secured data centres where it is stored on servers. These are computers that store vast amounts of data for more than 1,000,000 customers with One.com. When you sign up with One.com as your webhosting service, you receive your own space on one of our secure and reliable servers.

As well as server space, One.com provides you with a line of online applications that allow you to securely access and edit your files and your homepage from any computer with an Internet connection. You can then publish your website and share your gallery when away from home or travelling.

The technologies behind webhosting can be complex. One.com however, makes your online presence simple and flexible. We have removed all the hard work, so that you can focus on enjoying the Internet.

Other webhosting features

As part of our aim to make matters easy for you, we offer a range of additional webhosting features. All web spaces from One.com include a website building and editing tool and a comprehensive statistics feature that give you details about your website visitors.