High quality yet cheap web hosting

When you need a web hosting solution you may be looking for a site for personal use or business use, for instance. You may even be looking for a specialist web host because you're planning to develop a large-scale commercial site.

The affordable option, the cheap web hosting solution can often give you a satisfactory, efficient and cost-effective alternative to specialised and expensive solutions.

You need to be a little cautious, however. Some companies drive down the cost of their web hosting by cutting corners and excluding certain services. Others take a different approach. They maintain a high standard of service by using technology that's up-to-date and highly productive. One.com is such a company.

Flexible sized web space

If you are looking for high quality but also cheap web hosting, you should be aware of certain features apart from the cost. First of all, check the web space that's available. This can vary a great deal between web hosting providers. Consider what functions you need for your web space and make sure the web host offers space that easily meets these.

Web space leads to the next issue: upgrading

Most webhosts offer you the chance to upgrade but is the cost justified? What's more, even if you upgrade will you get what you want? The prices of One.com's web space upgrades are great value and the sizes can more than match your needs.

Finally, you should consider the extras a web host gives you. One.com has unlimited email accounts, Bix, a virus and spam filter, and a gallery. These confirm that One.com's cheap web hosting isn't just about good value, it's also an exceptional service.