Britons book more holidays through the internet

Written: Jun 9, 2011 Category: Website
According to a new report, Britons use the internet to book more holidays than the rest of Europe. British people appear to be utilizing the internet to book holidays more frequently than those in the rest of Europe. According to a recent study by the market research company Ipsos, 71 percent of British people use the internet to book holidays, while the rest of Europe stands at 57 percent.

To achieve these percentages, Ipsos surveyed more than 3,500 Europeans and their opinions on certain travel issues.

Responding to this development, On the Beach, an online U.K. travel agency, recently proclaimed that British people are the most internet-savvy in Europe.

"Since the dawn of the internet era Brits have been quick to adopt new technology and new ways of doing things", said Alistair Daly, marketing director of On the Beach. "This has arguably accelerated over the past few years as people are discovering that the internet is by far the easiest way to book their trips".

On the Beach was founded in 1995 and offers its services to more than 750,000 travellers each year. Users of the website can also access more than 30,000 hotels across the world and 50 million flight seats.