Facebook collaborates with Microsoft for hosted applications

Written: Apr 23, 2010 Category: Website - Web hosting - Online storage
Docs for Facebook is a new application hosting program like Google Docs. While many internet users are aware of the Google Docs service, there's now a new kid on the block.

Docs for Facebook has recently been launched in a beta testing phase, Microsoft has announced. The online hosting service will provide Microsoft Office 2010 applications in the Facebook social media environment.

The Facebook application allows users to share and collaborate on applications for word processing, spreadsheets, slide show presentations and other Office applications. Users can create documents from scratch or upload others from Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft program manager Pat Kinsel says that what sets online applications apart from other hosted document services is that the process doesn't stop once a users completes a file, but instead allows users to take advantage of their Facebook social media networks and gain input from others.

"What makes Docs special is it's the only service that supports the complete document life cycle," says Kinsel. "The Docs app for Facebook gives you a flexible social-productivity experience. You can have someone help you edit it, incorporate feedback, and then share it with the world."

While their is excitement among businesses and consumers for Docs for Facebook, another social networking website is raising advertisers' interest. Twitter recently unveiled its first attempt at ad placement with Promoted Tweets.