Photo hosting liberates picture sharing

Photo hosting has dramatically altered the way you can share your pictures. Previously, there was the expense and delay of processing films. Even when digital photography arrived, you still had to print your pictures or send them to friends and family as email attachments.

From paper to online galleries

Photo hosting on the Internet has changed this. With the Gallery you can place your photos on your own domain names and share them with anyone you choose. You also have a perfect way to keep your pictures organised and secure, since all content on our servers is secured by a daily backup.

No delays

With photo hosting you simply link your camera to any computer when you're ready to do so. You then transfer your pictures to your online Gallery.

Any computer

You can also let others see your pictures as soon as possible. When you´re on holiday, for instance, you can attach your camera to an available computer. As long as the computer recognises your camera and has an Internet connection, you can start uploading your photos. Digital cameras free photographers from the need to process pictures at a commercial lab.

Showcase your pictures

Photo hosting goes one step further. It provides an excellent forum to showcase your pictures. You no longer have to print out your photos on a printer and use costly ink. If you want to display your pictures to friends and family, just place them on the Gallery and invite people to view them. Photo hosting is a great way to share photos. It allows you to make full use of your digital camera.