Google AdWords coupon

Get a Google AdWords coupon and free phone support from Google

With Google AdWords you can advertise on the world's largest search engine. is a partner with Google and offers all customers a Google AdWords coupon. You will receive your AdWords coupon once you've activated your web space. Start getting new visitors to your website today!

Pay only for what you get

On Google, your ad will appear for users who are actively searching for what your website offers. You only pay when your advertising actually works. There is no minimum spend and you can easily set a daily budget of how much you spend on your Google AdWords advertising.

Target and optimize your ads

You can target your advertising in many ways, for example locally and only show your ads in your local area. With Google AdWords, you avoid having to guess. You get a powerful tool to make decisions based on factual knowledge about your visitors' behavior on the world's most popular search engine.

Flexible advertising

AdWords is a flexible way to advertise. You can always put your campaign on pause, adjust it or stop it if you like. AdWords is a time-saving and quick advertising form, where you can put your ads up without any expertise. It is easy to see and measure the results of your efforts. By means of detailed and clear reports, you can clearly see the outcome of your effort, and AdWords is completely safe to use.

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