How to choose a domain name


The purpose of a domain name is to give your website a distinct identity. If you run a business, you may wish to have a name that matches the title of your company. If you want to build a website for your own personal use, you may decide to choose your name - if it is available - or something that matches your hobbies and interests.

Getting the right name

It's worth spending a little time thinking about your ideal domain name. Even when you've done so, however, you may want to have some other options to hand. There are millions of websites on the Internet, and there's a chance that someone may have beaten you to your preferred name.

Searching provides a straightforward domain name search tool. You don't need to register first; you can just use the "search domain" box on the home page. Today more than 1,000,000 domain name owners have chosen's award winning solution.

Enter your proposed name in the box and click the button on the right. If the domain name is available, tells you. If someone has already taken the name, displays a list of possible alternatives that may suit you. If not, try another name.

Solving name problems

Sometimes you can struggle to find an available domain name. Should this happen, you could try splitting the parts of the name, if possible, with a dash. You might also consider a different ending.

In the UK, for instance, the most popular doman name extension is "". And every country in the world has its own national top-level domain name.You could, however, try other extensions if your preferred domain suffix is unavailable. You can do this by selecting another extension from the drop-down menu. When you have found a satisfactory domain name, you just need to select the size of your new web hotel with