Cancellation - how do I cancel my subscription?

Your choice of web hosting and your domain's safety is of utmost importance to Therefore your web space subscription is prolonged automatically, and we always send out a renewal invoice 60 days before the payment period expires.

You receive the invoice in good time and can always reconsider your choice of web hosting provider, well before the 30 days cancellation notice. For the domain types administered directly through, a timely notification also secures that we renew the domain name in time.

If you do not want to renew your web space, please contact the support by email ( or via our chat support, which will send you a special link that you can use for online cancellation of your web space.

You can also send a cancellation as a letter or fax to In case that you send the cancellation by letter or fax, the cancellation must bear your signature.

When you have submitted a cancellation, a confirmation will appear in your control panel within 8 days. We also send an email for confirmation. Your web space is only terminated when you have received this confirmation.

For further information about cancellation please refer to our terms of business.

Terms of business
When will I receive a renewal invoice?