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Discover Webmail in Dark Mode for a better email experience

Are you someone who works late into the night or begins their day in the early morning hours? Dark Mode Webmail is here for you, fulfilling a long-awaited customer request. For many people, it reduces eye strain, particularly in low-light work environments. With Dark Mode Webmail, your Mail, Settings, and Contacts pages adapt automatically to your computer’s dark mode settings.

Many of us find ourselves working during the quiet hours, whether it’s to catch up on emails, plan our day, or simply enjoy some uninterrupted focus. Dark Mode Webmail is a game changer for those who work in dimly lit rooms.

When your device is in dark mode, Webmail automatically enables its own Dark Mode, creating an easy-on-the-eyes experience. For those who prefer manual control, you can also enable Dark Mode in the top-right menu of Webmail.

Dark Mode is currently available for Mail, Settings, and Contacts pages. But that’s not all: Soon, Dark Mode will also be available for the Webmail Calendar! We’ll keep you updated on this, so remember to check the “What’s new” section in the top-right corner of Webmail.

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