Happy birthday, one.com! What’s changed in its 20 years?

At the time when one.com (then B-One) was founded in 2002, people would often access the web on a slow dial-up connection, browse basic web pages and chat on MSN Messenger. Since then, the internet has evolved greatly and expanded to include people’s entire everyday lives and business ventures.

In the last 20 years, the number of active websites worldwide has grown almost exponentially from just under 15 billion in 2002, to 182 billion in 2012 and crossing the 200 billion mark in 2021.

20 years and counting

Almost 4 out of 10 websites are currently created with WordPress, which was founded during the same period as one.com. Both are today important components for many websites, where one.com hosts domains, websites and cloud storage for more than one million customers worldwide.

– In the early 00’s, it was a huge undertaking to create a digital presence. Today, anyone can quickly and easily create a great site in an hour, stream high-quality video content on it, connect it to their social media profiles, and monetize it through secure payment solutions, says Stephan Wolfram, CEO at group.one, parent company of one.com.

In Sweden alone, e-commerce has a turnover of 146 billion according to Posten’s e-barometer. A growth that has paved the way for simple and secure payment solutions like Swish, Klarna and Lunar. Globally, online sales have gone from 2 billion dollars in 2002 to 5 trillion dollars in 2021, predicted to reach 7 trillion by 2025.

– We see e-commerce as a key factor for business growth. All tech needed is often accessible on a mobile device and either free or very affordable, which makes it possible for even the smallest businesses to engage a global audience. We are proud of being part in leveling the playfield for business owners worldwide, says Stephan Wolfram.

At one.com, much has changed, too. From a small Danish startup, the company has evolved into a successful multinational business serving customers in over 100 countries. Our product catalogue now includes hundreds of new domain extensions; website building and e-commerce solutions; an innovative WordPress offering, and many other products that were simply not possible twenty years ago. We are extremely grateful to our customers for their loyalty, and hope to continue delighting them with innovation and excellent customer service for many years to come.