GratisDNS customers move to

From April 2022, GratisDNS customers will benefit from’s safe and robust DNS infrastructure, better email and web hosting, and more support availability. We also use this opportunity to further improve our Control Panel and DNS management capabilities, to better serve all customers.

After joining the family in 2020, GratisDNS has operated independently. This month, things change. GratisDNS customers are migrating to and will continue to manage their subscriptions from our easy-to-use Control Panel.

Below is a summary of what will change for our newcomers. You can find more information in our FAQ.

More space and traffic

Compared to GratisDNS, the plans have significantly more space and unlimited traffic. This means that for most GratisDNS customers, the migration will result in an upgrade of their current subscriptions.

New hosting plans

All current web hosting plans will be moved to a plan with matching number of hosted domains and databases. To make invoicing simpler, hosting will be free until the next renewal, which is synchronized with the expiration month of the domain name. If you’d like to change your hosting plan, you can do so easily in just a few steps:

My account -> My products -> Manage -> Move to another plan.

Easier domain registration and renewal processes

Our domain registration process is easier than that of GratisDNS. Simply log in to your account and register more domains. At GratisDNS, customer information needed to be filled out with each domain registration.

We also support automatic renewal to prevent the risk of accidental loss of a domain, including management of .dk domains without the need to do so separately via Punktum dk. This new functionality only launched for select registrars of .dk in late 2021.

We’ve made sure to support multi-year registrations for GratisDNS customers. Normally, we only offer annual contracts.

New features in the Control Panel

Taking inspiration from GratisDNS, we are extending our Control Panel with new features available to all our customers. Over the coming months you will see:

  • Updated DNS management capabilities
  • New DNS record types: CAA, NS, DS
  • New onboarding wizard for missing customer information
  • New user interface of DNS settings