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Massive growth for one.com during the corona crisis

With record-high sales in multiple markets including a 53% increase in Denmark, one.com has been able to follow the business dealings of Northern Europe closely during the corona crisis.

one.com, with its primary development office in Copenhagen, is one of the leading web hosting and web solution companies in Europe. As a whole, one.com has experienced a massive growth of new customers during the corona crisis. Although one.com is the leader in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and Belgian markets, Denmark has experienced the highest growth of 53% in April and May compared to the same period last year.

“As the countries of Northern Europe began closing down, we at one.com found that business owners were incredibly quick to open up virtually, a trend we can see reflected in our growth during this period. On the other hand, if we look at our neighbouring country, Sweden, which has had the fewest lockdown restrictions, for example, by keeping gyms and bars open, we have only experienced a growth of 7% compared to the same period last year” said Morten Grauballe, Chief Product Officer at one.com.

During these times, restaurants and shops are the types of businesses where it really makes sense to shift onto a virtual platform. In Denmark, the one.com customers with the highest turnover are clothing stores, restaurants, and interior design stores, as well as other smaller businesses.

“Most of the new Danish customers going online in April and May are those who have achieved the greatest revenue. This trend is most prominent in clothing, interior design stores and in restaurants. These customers have been able to convert their business into takeaway sales” stated Grauballe.

In countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway, one.com has experienced a significant increase in new customers, too. In Belgium, one.com has registered more than 40% growth in April and May compared to last year despite being one of the European countries worst hit by the corona epidemic. Also, in Belgium, the customer with the highest turnover during this period is a garden centre that only signed up on March 18th, this year. For both Norway and the Netherlands, market growth is now over 30%.

Although the background to one.com growth is gloomy, the company hopes to have helped their many new customers keep their businesses afloat both during the corona crisis and in the aftermath.

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