Increasing our support for web security and Let’s Encrypt

We have increased our commitment to the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority by becoming a Silver sponsor. We’re very serious about web security and take proactive steps to automatically set up SSL certificates on all our customers’ websites.   

The mission of Let’s Encrypt is to reduce financial and technological barriers to secure communication over the internet – a worthy cause we are happy to support. In just five years, Let’s Encrypt has skyrocketed to provide SSL certificates for 225 million websites. We are proud to contribute to its success and development.  

SSL certificates are important for securing contact information, payment details and other data that websites process and collect. Your SSL certificate is a key element of web security, and a mandatory feature for Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla and other major browsers. While some hosting companies sell SSL certificates, we choose not to charge for an essential service that makes the web a safer place.  

What’s more, all websites hosted with us have their wildcard certificate installed and enabled for free. For example, if you build your site in Website Builder, it’s automatically protected by SSL when you publish. Learn more about HTTPS by default for your website.