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New product updates in Website Builder

We’re currently launching several new features in our Website Builder. All users will soon be able to use colour themes and organise pages easier. Premium users will also be able to connect their social media galleries to their websites. 

We’re in the process of rolling out several new features in the Website Builder. Some users will be able to enjoy the new features already, that will shortly be available to all one.com users.

Create prettier websites with new colour themes

All our Website Builder users will be able to manage their website colours and maintain the same colour themes across pages. The new colour themes unlock the following features:

  • Setting up and updating colours from one single place
  • Styling entire component groups in just one click
  • Selecting from a selection of colour themes

Organise your content and make quick layout changes with Sections

Another feature update enables our users to easily organise and build websites in sections. It allows for smoother and quicker usability, and makes pages look better. It functions by a simple drag-and-drop functionality and does not require any design skills. Sections can easily be customised according to style and colour for a unique look.

Connect your website with Facebook and Instagram

Our Website Builder Premium users will be able to add Facebook and Instagram feed galleries directly on their websites. The gallery automatically updates when users add new posts on their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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