It’s all in the name: Personalise your website with a creative domain

With 11 new top-level extensions added to our portfolio, we. help you find descriptive domains like .yoga and .fit that personalise your brand and improve your website SEO rankings.

When deciding what to name your website, it’s often helpful to get a descriptive domain name to really show who you are and what you do. For instance, the domain name .work is increasingly popular among creative entrepreneurs, to create design portfolios, blogs, and showcase their work.

It’s a great way to spice up your website, like the Danish HR agency did.

The latest available creative domains include .fit, .fashion, .wedding, and even .horse! Our favourite customer domain right now is a boutique flower shop called So stylish!

Remember, a descriptive domain helps your website visitors understand what you do even before they click a link and visit your site. What’s more, the search engine bot also has a greater chance of crawling your website and ranking it higher in search-engine results for relevant keywords.

That’s why we offer nearly 400 different top-level domains, so that everyone finds the right extension for their website.