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We now offer 89 new top-level domains

Our portfolio of top-level domains now includes 89 more extensions. These include .life and .live, both of which are in Top 20 most popular new domains worldwide. Thanks to the strategic partnership with Donuts, a global industry leader, one.com customers can now choose from many more domain names.  

Our customers are switching to new, unique and shorter domains. For some companies, their brand is their domain name – like mojo.vision, the California start-up making AR lenses, or be.live, a live streaming platform. That’s why we’ve decided to meet our customers’ needs and include more options.  

With this integration, we are excited to unlock a large set of great domains including .services and .solutions, which are gaining popularity among European service-focused economies. Other customers will find niche extensions like .media, .photography and .studio to be highly relevant. These SEO-friendly domain names can help search engines easily understand what your website is about and rank it higher for relevant searches.  

Here’s the full list of our new domains:   

.apartments .auction .band .bingo .business .cafe .care .casino .chat .city .clinic .coach .coupons .deals .delivery .doctor .dog .energy .express .family .fan .financial .football .forsale .games .gifts .gmbh .gold .golf .group .haus .healthcare .hockey .hospital .immo .irish .jewelry .legal .limited .live .ltd .mba .memorial .money .movie .network .news .pizza .plus .reise .restaurant .rip .run .sale .salon .sarl .school .shopping .show .soccer .social .style .taxi .team .tennis .theater .tires .tours .video .vin .wine .world 

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