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1-click WordPress

Install your website or blog in 1-click.

Normally installing WordPress consist of downloading the WordPress package to your computer, uploading WordPress to your hosting account, creating a database and user, configuring your settings, running the installation and then completing the installation.

However, if you need to install WordPress, with our 1-click WordPress install feature, it will take less than a minute.

What is 1-click WordPress?

1-click WordPress is a feature that allows you to install WordPress quickly and with ease. It is incredibly easy and flexible, so your site is up and running in minutes. You can migrate, copy or clone your site with the click of a button. You don’t need to download or upload any files, and there are no size limitations or premium versions.

What are the benefits of 1-click WordPress?

1-click WordPress installation is an automated process that eliminates the tedious manual steps of installing WordPress. Additionally, you can migrate your existing WordPress site from one location to another, quick, and easy. This is handy when you want to transfer your domain to another host, such as one.com.

What are the one.com 1-click WordPress features?

Our 1 click WordPress Install feature comes with many perks. For example:

  • Hassle-free migration – Migrate, copy or clone your site all with 1-click.
  • High Security – All of your data is encrypted, and only you have access to your passwords.
  • Faster exports & Imports – Your archive is streamed from each server—no need for downloading or uploading files.
  • No size limits – With the click of a button, your files are streamed. There are no import size limitations.

How much does 1-click WordPress cost?

WordPress itself is a free tool. All of our customers can install WordPress on any plan at no charge. However, if you’d like to build your site with WordPress, we recommend that you choose a hosting plan that includes 1-click WordPress install. That means when you purchase a hosting plan, you will have access to 1-click WordPress install. WordPress will be ready to use in less than a minute, while also having the support of fast hosting behind you.