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What is website backup? | Site backup and restore

What is website backup? | Site backup and restore

Backup & Restore - protect yourself against data loss

The automatic backup solution for your website, email and databases

Get peace of mind knowing that your website, email and databases are securely backed up and easily restored, should the need arise. Automated backups are made daily over a rolling 14-day window. Backup & Restore comes with the following great features:

Automatic daily backups of your website, database and email
Restore from your 500 most recent versions of your Website Builder site
Create snapshots you can restore from at any time
User-friendly interface
Backups are stored in an encrypted location accessible by SSH/SFTP

What could go wrong without regular backups

Your data is extremely important, and much of this is irreplaceable. When it comes to backing up computer files, many people have a spare copy of crucial files and media on a hard disk. Having your website backed up should be equally, if not more important.

The truth is, there are many reasons you may want to roll your website back to a previous version. It could be an honest mistake that you accidentally deleted an important file or installed an incompatible plugin. It could even be a poorly-informed design change that seemed like a good idea initially.

Having your website backed up means you can restore your website in mere seconds as opposed to having hours or days of frustration. Minimising website downtime not only saves you in terms of lost business but also protects customer trust.

Why use Backup & Restore?

Backup & Restore makes a backup copy of your web space, email, databases and the most recent 500 versions of your Website Builder website. Here are some great reasons you should use this tool:

Backup is virtually effortless

Backup & Restore creates backups for you automatically every day. If you want a more permanent back up, you can do so in a couple of clicks from the easy to use dashboard. Restoring is just as easy. All you have to do is to select the version you'd like to roll out and click ‘Restore'.

Backup is secure

Manual backups to a hard disk are not as secure as services like Backup & Restore. You face the risk of data corruption and physical hardware failure. Backup & Restore has a distributed and encrypted system to keep your files ready whenever you want to restore.

We apply the same state-of-the-art security measures to backups of data as we do for our hosting services; you can be assured that your backups are safe from the bad guys.

Backup is always available

Backup copies on physical drives are just that - physical. To restore from a manual backup, you must have access to that disk. Not so with cloud backup. All you need to restore your website is an internet connection and access to your one.com Control Panel.

How often should I back up?

The best practice is to back up every version of your site that works as it should. For some people, this could be weekly, while for others, it could be daily. It depends on how often your website content changes and how much data flows through your website.

Because Backup & Restore also covers email, consider how active your mailbox is. If you have a lot of important communications via email, a daily backup would also make sense.

Can I manually back up my website files and restore them from there?

You most definitely can. From the one.com Control Panel, you have full access to your files and created databases which you can manually create copies of through SFTP, PHPMyAdmin and File Manager. However, this takes some time, and you will need some technical knowledge to restore a website. Websites require a complex series of interactions of system files which have to be configured to read the database and media files. If you're manually backing up individual files, you will often need to reconfigure them upon restoring.

Backup & Restore makes it trivial to restore from a saved copy so that you can undo even small changes. You select the version you want to restore to, and our backup service does the rest.