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Backups and snapshots for VPS: Why they are important

Learn about different types of VPS backups and their applications.

Whether you are a software developer, online shop owner, small business owner, or an enthusiastic gamer, it is crucial to protect your data against cyberattacks and unexpected failures. The importance of VPS backups should therefore not be underestimated.

In this article, we review what VPS backups and snapshots are, the types that exist, and what they mean for the security of your online projects.

What are VPS backups?

A backup is a copy of all the data and configurations on your VPS that is then stored in a separate location.

Having a VPS backup ensures that you can quickly and easily restore your data in case of data loss, system failure, or a security breach.

If necessary, you can either restore your backups entirely or mount them as virtual devices, making them accessible similarly to a physical hard drive.

Different ways to back up your VPS

Backing up VPS data can be done in various ways. We will look into this further below.

Full VPS backup

A full backup involves copying all data and configurations on your VPS at a specific time. This type of backup ensures that you have an exact copy of your entire system, making restoration easy and seamless. Full backups typically take up more space and take longer to create, but they are practically indispensable for a comprehensive recovery of your data.

Incremental VPS backup

Incremental backups only store the changes made since the last backup. This method requires less storage space and is faster to perform, but recovery from an incremental backup can take longer, as data needs to be retrieved from multiple incremental backups and the latest full backup.

What are VPS snapshots?

A VPS snapshot is a type of backup that captures a status image of your VPS as it was at a specific time. Unlike regular backups, which can be time-consuming to create, snapshots allow you to quickly create an image of the virtual server’s status. Snapshots include configurations, installed applications, and data.

Although snapshots are convenient to have, we recommend always combining them with traditional backups to ensure full recovery and robust data security.

When to use VPS snapshots

We recommend always taking a snapshot of your server before making changes or updates. This should be done as close to the time of change as possible.

Why are VPS backups important?

Backing up your data is more important than ever due to the increasing amount of cyberthreats and the risk for unexpected errors occurring after updates and changes to a virtual server.

Let’s take a closer look at what backups mean for good data security on your virtual server.

Data security and integrity

Backups serve as your safety net in case of data corruption, extortion, and accidental data deletion. When you always have a new backup available, you can quickly restore data on your server and continue your projects as usual.

Ensures your business operations

Data loss can have major consequences for a business, leading to decreased revenue and damage to brand trust. VPS backups ensure that your business can quickly resume normal operations after data failures and malicious attacks, continuously offering users and customers a good and smooth experience with all your essential online services.

Flexibility and more recovery options

The different types of backups and the ability to create snapshots of your server provide you with the flexibility to recover the data you need to restore.

Situations where VPS backups are crucial

To illustrate how important VPS backups are, we have created four concrete examples.

The gamer

Let’s assume you are a gamer who uses a VPS for an online multiplayer game. After a major update, the server goes down, resulting in corrupted data.

Using your latest VPS backup, you can quickly restore the server to its pre-update state, preventing long periods of downtime and saving your data and progress in the game.

The small business

Imagine a small business using a VPS for its website and email services. One day, the business is subjected to a hacking attack, deleting important files and disrupting communication with customers and partners.

With a backup available, the business can quickly restore its website and email services and continue as usual.

The online shop

In this example, we consider the owner of an online shop who uses a VPS for their e-commerce platform. During a busy period, a server error occurs, resulting in lost data, including recent transactions and important customer data.

Thanks to a VPS backup, the shop owner can quickly restore the website to a stable point, recovering important transaction data and minimising the risk of lost sales and poor customer experiences.

The software developer

A freelance software developer uses a VPS for testing environments and handling customer projects. After making several critical changes to a customer’s software, an unexpected bug causes the entire system to crash.

Fortunately, the developer has a VPS backup and can quickly restore a stable version of the software application.

VPS backups are a safety net for your most important data

The risk of data failures and cyberattacks is always present when working on online projects. Therefore, VPS backups are indispensable for all online projects and websites that use a VPS.

With an available backup, you can always be sure that your online projects and business can quickly recover if errors occur, or important data suddenly disappears.

Having a plan in place for regular VPS backups can significantly minimise the risk of lost revenue and give you peace of mind, even if something unforeseen happens.